2017 Healthy Living Business Guide

Abrams Puts The Customer First

Abrams Royal Pharmacy

Since 1980, Abrams Royal Pharmacy, now in Dallas and Plano, has helped many people by providing high-quality custom compounds, education, and personalized nutritional support that is unmatched in the industry. They are among the first in the nation to earn PCAB Accreditation, which further sets them apart from otherCodi Triesch & Lark Swofford compounding pharmacies.

Founder Bob Scarbrough states, “While pharmaceuticals have absolutely saved countless lives, our philosophy is that if we give the body the nutrition it needs for proper biochemical function, synthetic pharmaceuticals can be kept to a minimum.” He says that they have doctors that come to them for nutritional advice that they can use and pass on to their patients.  

Abrams Royal Pharmacy is constantly riding the learning curve by attending conferences and sharing that information with customers.    

For locations and more information, call 214-349-8000 or visit ARP-RX.com.



Transforming Lives Through State-Of-The-Art Chiropractic

Best Life Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Dr. Steve Le and Dr. Laura Le have been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth community for more than 10 years. They started their careers in Palm Springs, California in January of 2002 mentoring under a nationally known chiropractor and wellness expert.  During that time they became directors of the busiest health care center in Palm Springs.

In July 2003 they returned and brought their knowledge to the DFW area, transforming lives ever since. Their heart for what they do, combined with their extensive training and clinical experience, is the reason why so many patients have experienced amazing transformations in their health.

Services include corrective chiropractic, detoxification, cold laser therapy, myovision exams, therapeutic exercises, advanced nutrition diagnoses and X-ray services. The center is committed to helping people naturally through chiropractic care, nutrition, rehabilitation and lifestyle changes, and avoiding unnecessary drugs and surgery.  

Locations at 5072 W. Plano Pkwy, Ste. 130, Plano, 4401 Long Prairie Rd., Ste. 200, Flower Mound and 9255 Ft. Worth Dr, Argyle, TX.  For more information call 972-200-5009.  BestLifeChiro.com.



Breeze Energy Serves Only Pure Wind Power 100% From Texas

Breeze Energy

Most wind power companies are owned by big energy corporations with holdings in coal and natural gas, but Breeze Energy is owned by Walter Hornaday and John Spicer, who believe  that in a state ranked number one in wind energy production, it is their mission to ensure Texans  benefit from this abundance of 100% clean, green, renewable Texas wind at an affordable price.

Breeze Energy has a strong and growing green education program, WIND 101, that supports and sponsors green-minded nonprofits such as The Dallas Zoo, Science Days, KERA, Farmers Assisting Returning Military, Dallas Arboretum, Green Source DFW, Texas Veggie Fair, Earth Day Texas and others.

Their Green Dream Team internship program is devoted to developing tomorrow's great green leaders. Breeze Energy provides science scholarships and grants to Texas students and enrichment programs supporting conservation, preservation of the environment.

For more information call 855-391-9463 or visit BreezeEnergy.com.



Dealing With the Effects of Caesarean Birth

C-Section Recovery Center


C-Section Recovery Center (CSRC) is the first and only massage therapy clinic of its kind, specializing in the relief of chronic pain and dysfunction for women that have experienced a C-section birth. 

CSRC’s approach comprises a team of seasoned therapists using a hybrid of manual therapy techniques acquired through decades of education and training, incorporating specific practices and distinctions unique to the practice into their work. By facilitating the body’s natural healing processes via tools including customized breathing homework and advanced bodywork, they aid the body in coping with the effects of a C-section. CSRC focuses on what is correctable, rather than relying on the accuracy of symptoms alone, helping clients achieve lasting improvements.

By treating the root of the problem, whether the C-section itself or an existing problem that has been amplified by it, CSRC is dedicated to helping women and their entire families live happier, healthier lives.

Located at 3400 Silverstone Dr., Ste. 119, Plano. For more information contact 972-612-3399 or visit CSectionRecoveryCenter.com.



Dallas Rapid Transit is on the Move

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is a trusted guide, helping residents and visitors discover all that North Texas has to offer. An extensive network of DART light rail, a Trinity Railway Express commuter rail, bus routes and paratransit services moves more than 220,000 passengers per day.

The DART Rail System provides fast, convenient service to work and healthcare, as well as shopping and entertainment destinations in Dallas, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Garland, Irving, Plano, Richardson and Rowlett. Plus, the TRE commuter rail line links DART customers to Irving and downtown Fort 

Worth.  DART operates local and express bus routes serving Addison, Carrollton, Cockrell Hill, Dallas, Farmers Branch, Garland, Glenn Heights, Highland Park, Irving, Richardson, Rowlett, Plano and University Park.Whether traveling by rail, bus or both, DART’s free GoPass app is available from the App Store or the Google Play store.

 For more information, visit DART.org



Dallas County Community College District


Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) offers higher education that gets students hired. At the colleges of DCCCD, they can reinvent themselves in two years or less, with more than 100 majors featuring one- and two-year certificates and degrees to help build a rewarding career. DCCCD also offers core credit courses that are guaranteed to transfer to Texas colleges and universities and continuing education classes to improve job skills.


DCCCD has seven individually accredited colleges: Brookhaven, Cedar Valley, Eastfield, El Centro, Mountain View, North Lake and Richland, as well as a virtual campus, Dallas Colleges Online;

five community education campuses and additional administrative locations. The system, one of the largest in Texas and the U.S., serves more than 74,000 credit and 25,000 continuing education students during the fall and spring semesters. Dr. Joe May serves as chancellor.

For more information call 214-378-1823 or visit DCCCD.edu.



Dress Up Your Lawn Organically

Earth Kind Services

Earth Kind Services, in Denton, wants to bring homeowners an organic solution for struggling landscapes. Top dressing with organic compost adds microbes to the soil, which releases nutrients to the lawn and shrubs that are essential to plant vitality. North Texas soil is often of poor quality where builders have removed the topsoil or compacted it during construction. Owner Beau Propes has more than 25 years of experience in landscape management. Earth Kind uses a specialized spreader that does the job more effectively than just a wheelbarrow and rake.

Propes notes, “Many people want to feel good about what they put on their lawns that their kids and pets play on. Anyone that wants to have a more drought-tolerant, pest- and disease-resistant lawn will enjoy our service, and we deliver, spread and clean up, too.” Earth Kind Services also delivers and installs mulch. their newest service is providing lawn leveling with a soil/compost mix.

For more information call 469-744-0281 or visit EarthKindServices.com.



Square Meals Fair and Square

Field to Meal

Field to Meal, in Waxahachie, founded in 2014, sells diet plans, or “meal bags” that customers take home and prepare. Owners Sam and Amy Roberts say, “We source from local farmers the freshest, highest-quality vegetables, meats and ingredients as they become available through the seasons. We strive to provide only organically grown and natural produce.”

A few sample meals include Pork Meatballs with Gremolata, Creamed Spinach and Chicken Casserole, Asian Lemon Mushroom Soup and Crispy Salmon Salad. “We share a passion for good food; good food should be accessible, it should be easy, it should be fresh and where possible, it should be local,” says Amy.

“A healthy, varied, diet prepares you for success in every facet of your life,” says Sam. “We share a desire to help make a person’s life a little easier, a little better and a little healthier. In the process, we help out some amazing farmers!”

Located at 410 S. Rogers St, Waxahachie, Tx. For more information call 972-921-6262 or visit FieldToMeal.com.



Making Gluten-Free Life Easier

Gluten Free Media Group

The leading U.S. integrated media company dedicated to promoting the gluten-free lifestyle, the Gluten Free Media Group (GFMG), will host the 2017 Gluten and Allergan Friendly Southern Expo on October 28 and 29 at Dallas Market Hall, 2200 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas.

With an audience of more than 3 million gluten-free consumers and others with food sensitivities, autoimmune diseases and autism, the company offers custom marketing solutions through their mobile app and website, consumer expo tour, email newsletters, blogger outreach and social media interaction.

With more than 122 years of combined industry experience, the Gluten Free Media Group helps brands get their products off of the shelf and into the hands of the gluten-free consumer. The GFMG welcomes new exhibitors in the Dallas area to join their expo tour, including medical professionals, gluten-free food brands and other companies meeting the needs of those living a gluten-free lifestyle. 

For more information, visit GFAFExpo.com.



Holistic Chamber of Commerce Advances Healthcare Innovation

Dallas Holistic Chamber of Commerce

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce stands for excellence among holistic, complementary, alternative and sustainable professionals, practitioners and businesses that represent holistic professionals, practitioners, businesses and resource providers. The Chamber encourages and promotes healthy living, and supports those that make it possible to make a difference together.

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce meets twice a month, sharing education in the practitioner and business arena from 7:30 to 9 a.m. the second Tuesday and from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. the fourth Tuesday. Holistic Chamber of Commerce Dallas also will host a business symposium on September 23.

The Chamber stands for excellence among holistic, complementary, alternative and sustainable professionals, practitioners and businesses.

For more information visit Dallas@HolisticChamberOfCommerce.com and HolisticChamberOfCommerce.com/tx-dallas.



Pasture-Raised, Chiropractically Adjusted Meat

Know Your Foods

Know Your Food (KYF) sells grass-fed, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, pasture-raised and chiropractically adjusted meat. Most people are not able to raise their own animals for meat due to lack of space or living in an urban setting.

KYF provides an option for consumers to make the initial investment in an animal, which means they have ownership of the animal. In the case of cows, an individual buys the mother cow, and when her calves are old enough, the consumer receives meat for the whole family to eat.

The calves are born, raised and finished on open pasture, spending their life in a peaceful setting, and receiving veterinary and chiropractic care along the way. The initial investment can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years; as long as the mother cow is producing calves. Participants just eat their food; they know their food is healthy and was raised humanely.

For more information call 214-802-7815 or visit KYF.rocks.



Stimulating the Body to Heal Itself

Living Springs Natural Health, PLLC

Living Springs Natural Health employs a team of naturopathic doctorate-prepared registered nurses with a mission of empowering their clients through education and assisting them in balancing their bodies for maximum health and function. The practitioners at the center believe that our bodies have been made to naturally heal themselves, and they’ve developed their practice to optimize each client’s natural healing process.

By harnessing many unique alternative therapies, the body is assisted in balancing energy and nutrients to stimulate the immune system and normalize overall health. Primary services at Living Springs Natural Health include thermography, bioscan and ozone therapy.

Monica Jaynes, ND, MSN, RNC, CCT, is a certified ozone therapist and certified bioscan therapist. Julie Clowers, ND, MSN, RNC, CCT, is also a certified ozone therapist and certified bioscan therapist. Associated organizations include the American Academy of Ozone Therapy, Academy of Thermography, American Naturopathic Medical Association, Pastoral Medical Association and others.

Located at 6700 Horizon Rd., Ste. 100, Heath, TX. For more information call 972-722-4668  or visit LivingSpringsNaturalHealth.com.



Relief from Weight Gain, Menopause and More

Renewed Vitality

William Marcus Spurlock, M.D., medical director at Renewed Vitality, is one of the most experienced physicians in integrative medicine and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men and women, and Renewed Vitality is the ideal choice to find relief from menopause, low testosterone, weight gain, fatigue, thyroid disorder, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic viral syndromes and many other illnesses that cause pain and loss of energy.

Services include bioidentical hormone replacement for both women and men, weight loss management, age management, body detoxification, sleep therapy and more. Many of the patients at Renewed Vitality have been chronically ill for years, sought relief from many sources and found little. Often, they are too sick to work or do other important activities.

At Renewed Vitality, knowledgeable doctors take the time to find the source of illnesses and work with the patient, using proven, advanced technology in a warm, compassionate environment.

Located at 9535 Forest Ln., Ste. 100, Dallas, TX.  For more information call 214-740-4703 or visit RenewedVitalityMD.com.



Integrative Strategies Make Healing Easier

Ridglea Wellness, LLC

Kirsten Ward founded Ridglea Wellness in 2017. With more than 20 years experience in the healthcare                                                                                               industry, she holds a master’s degree in education and is a certified health specialist, certified natural health professional, certified                                              thermographer and a doctoral candidate in naturopathy with the Trinity School of Natural Health.

Under the guidance of Ward, the team at Ridglea Wellness offers a wide variety of integrative strategies to balance and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit, including whole body thermography, thermography interpretation, Reams' Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) testing, and non-invasive muscle testing.  

By drawing both from modern advances in scientific research and ancient tenets of holistic therapy, Ridglea Wellness offers the most comprehensive natural path to better living. Plans often include health education, diet and/or supplement therapy, botanical remedies, mind-body correlations and lifestyle support.

For more information call 817-832-2618 or visit RidgleaWellness.com.



Superior Customer Service is Not Rocket Science

Rocket Science Salon

The holistic Rocket Science Salon was founded 20 years ago in East Dallas by Lee Ann Lage. She states, “The products we carry and use for skin and hair are the safest for you and for us. We love to find the best in organic makeup, skin and hair care. We love to because we want to be healthy and want you to, also.”

She wants clients to feel comfortable the moment they walk in, throughout their appointment and with the results. Lage thinks that everything we put in and on our body should be the safest that can be found.

“My clients come in looking for great service and come back because we have a friendly space to reinvent yourself, maintain your look or just relax,” says Lage. “Making a connection with them is important to me.”

Located at 9010 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX.  For more information call 214-823-3288 or visit RocketScienceHairSalon.com.



Healing by Replacing Old Cells with New Cells

Senergy Medical Group

Senergy’s goal is to help customers and colleagues achieve improved health and well-being with innovative technology, accessories and education. Senergy is not a medical office and refers all medical matters to the Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine.

Senergy Medical Group is the exclusive distributor of the Tennant Biomodulator and other alternative, integrative medical solutions developed by Dr. Jerry Tennant, who holds more than 13 patents for medical devices.

Tennant was one of the first surgeons in U.S. to place intraocular lenses in eyes after cataract surgery and was a pioneer in LASIK surgery other laser research. Senergy’s products are based on the principle that the body doesn’t get well by making damaged cells work correctly, but rather by making new cells.

Location: 9901 Valley Ranch Pkwy. E., Ste. 1009, Irving, TX. For more information, call 972-580-0545 or visit Senergy.us.



Natural Cures that Surpass Allopathic Treatment

Tennant Institute of Integrative Medicine

Dr. Jerry Tennant, world-renowned ophthalmologist, practiced for over 30 years before becoming ill himself. Mainstream medicine could not help him, so he turned to natural healing and developed methods of healing which resulted in his gaining his health and ability to return to practice in 2002. Patients from all over the world come to regain health and strength. Many with macular degeneration come for a full week of treatments and return home with enhanced vision—in some cases, a complete return to 20/20 vision

The Tennant Institute specializes in integrative, energetic natural medicine. Methods of therapy, include hyperbaric oxygen treatments infrared sauna, an entire line of nutraceuticals developed especially for patients, and many other..

they treat everything except cancer, in which case they offer strong support for patients’ oncology protocol, while helping them reach optimum health with nutritional supplements formulated in such a way as to help the body crate healthy blood cells that fight disease.

Location:  35 Veranda Ln, Colleyville, TX.  For more information, call 972-580-1156.



Thermography is Not Just for Breasts

The Thermography Center

Regulation thermography (RT) is unique in that it detects dysfunction using a temperature response and provides a multi-page, highly detailed, analytical report on the whole body, including the breasts. For 15 years, the Thermography Center of Dallas has performed thousands of non-invasive thermography screenings on patients, which comprise a complete analysis of the body, especially for breast health. Unlike with mammography, there is no pain, compression or radiation of the breasts.

Because RT evaluates the function of organs and systems, it can show the real-time development and progression of disease, unlike X-ray or MRI. Used by a trained thermographer, RT can reveal where disease may be obscured and reports on all the internal organs, glands, lymph system, breasts and teeth in detail.

Location: 5220 Spring Valley Rd., Ste. 405, Dallas. For more information call 214-352-8758   or visit ThermographyCenter.com.



Your Soul is Welcome Here!

Unity on Greenville

Unity on Greenville we honor all spiritual paths.  We follow the teachings of Jesus as well as

other spiritual masters.  We study the Bible from a metaphysical understanding and practice the spiritual laws that are at work in our universe.  Our children’s program is based on the Bible, Unity Principles in an environment that allows our youth to learn how to apply them to their daily lives.

Unity was founded in 1889 by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore as a healing ministry based on the power of prayer and the power of our thoughts that create our reality. 

Our Celebration Service begins each Sunday at 11:00.  There are also opportunities for continued spiritual growth through classes and small groups that meet daily.

Location: 3425 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX.   For more information, call 214-826-5683 or visit DallasUnity.org.


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