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A Beautiful Non-Toxic Smile

Smile Ranch Dentistry

Robyn Abramczyk

6700 Horizon Rd., Heath, TX

972-772-7645 • SmileRanchDentistry.com

Smile Ranch Dentistry’s Robyn Abramcyzk, DDS, practices general dentistry with a focus on holistic therapies, following safety procedures and treatments of the Holistic Dental Association and International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine. She uses biocompatible materials that are safe, non-toxic and mercury-free. Abramcyzk’s spa-like office creates a calming atmosphere where every patient gets the special individualized care that they deserve. She addresses diet, supplementation, gut health and detoxification in her integrative assessments.

       Wellness services offered include: white composite fillings, ozone therapy, dentistry for children, oral cancer detection, Snap On Smile, porcelain crowns and bridges, implants and X-rays

       Areas of specialty: safe mercury amalgam removal, general dentistry with biological therapies, frenectomy and biocompatibility testing.

       Philosophy of healing:  “At Smile Ranch Dentistry, we believe treating the individual goes far beyond cleaning teeth. By looking at the whole being, nutritional patterns and lifestyle choices, optimal oral hygiene can be attained,” says Abramcyzk.



Decades of Study Create a Potent Resource

Acupuncture And Natural Healing

Latifa Amdur, ND, DAc, LAc, DIPL AC, CH




In addition to her formal training, Dr. Amdur added 37 years of additional training and seminars in multiple forms of Chinese Medicine to augment her extensive knowledge

Wellness services offered include: a unique approach to each individual’s specific needs, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and herbs), as well as multiple modalities to address the levels and layers of imbalance and over a period of numerous treatments and bring the patient to a state of wholeness and well-being.

Areas of specialty: both acute and chronic pain, illness and stress, which is the basis of most patient symptoms. This includes colds, fatigue, immune weakness/disorders, anxiety, arthritis, weight control issues, headaches, infertility, intestinal disorders, sinus and respiratory issues.

Philosophy of healing: “The body is a self healing mechanism which, due to toxicity, stress, disease,  and congenital weakness requires the assistance of a highly sensitive  and highly trained ‘translator’  practitioner who can interpret the  subtle signs of illness and, through skillful use of various  appropriate modalities, guide one gently towards health and wholeness.”



Long-Term Changes are Those that Work

Animals Are People Too

The Animal Doctor

Dr. Nancy Ann Bozeman, DVM

Conventional and holistic veterinary medicine

621 Little School Rd., Kennedale, TX

817-572-2400  •  TheAnimalDoctorTX@yahoo.com

Dr. Nancy Bozeman began her career with the aspiration to study and master the art of alternative veterinary medicine, as it is her belief that the holistic approach is beneficial to the entire physical and emotional well-being of her patients. She studied as an associate to Dr. Norman Ralston, recognized as a leader in alternative veterinary medicine in the U.S. Bozeman is a founding member of the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.

       Services Offered include: acupuncture, classical homeopathy, contact reflex analysis, veterinary orthopedic manipulation, Chinese herbal medicine, Western herbal medicine, Bowen Therapy, Namboudrapod’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) and network chiropractic.

       Areas of Specialty: The Animal Doctor now includes low-level laser therapy in their range of healing modalities, which, although not considered alternative medicine, is an exciting new tool in veterinary healing

       Philosophy of Healing: “You must build a strong foundation for health, starting with superior nutrition, in order to get superior results,” says Bozeman. She prefers to strive for the entire well-being of patients, rather than using suppressive medicine to temporarily mask symptoms; her focus is on the root of the problem, with the philosophy that by its repair, the rest of the tree will flourish.



Rare Opportunity to Receive Chinese Ophthalmology

Acupuncture & Integrative Medical Center

Dr. Carlos Chapa, ND, OMD, LAc, Ph.D.

9901 Valley Ranch Pkwy. E., Ste. 1000, Irving, TX

18601 LBJ, Ste. 501 Mesquite, TX



Acupuncture & Integrative Medical Center (AIMC) is a holistic Eastern medical clinic that treats patients naturally by focusing the underlying issues and conditions to create better health.

Wellness services offered include: complementary and alternative medicine, Eastern/Oriental Medicine, acupuncture, laser acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine and pharmaceutical-grade supplements.

Areas of specialty: chronic pain, chronic health conditions, infertility and pediatrics. Dr. Chapa is one of four physicians in the U.S. who specialize in Chinese ophthalmology, treating retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration.

Philosophy of healing: “Healing requires a multidisciplinary approach that includes a combination of alternative medical modalities to treat a broad range of diseases and pain with the goals of risk reduction and improvement in quality of life.”



Midwifery Supports the Birthing Process Naturally

Boardwalk OBGYN

Johanna Congleton DNP, CNM

6750 N. MacArthur Blvd., Ste. 100, Irving, TX

4461 Coit Rd., Ste. 401, Frisco, TX

972-406-9911 • BoardwalkOBGYN.com


Boardwalk OBGYN offers full-scope midwifery services and will be adding a second midwife in late 2017. Johanne Congleton says, “We are an all-female practice of care providers that desire to provide high-quality health care and wellness. Our group knows that women want to part of their health care choices. Midwives can support women in general wellness such as well woman exams, contraceptive counseling and gynecological services. Choosing a midwife for pregnancy, birth and postpartum care ensures a family-focused low intervention birth experience. We are excited to serve women in the Frisco area who desire this type of experience in a hospital-based birth setting.”

Congleton has been providing full-scope midwifery services in Dallas since 2014. After graduating from Texas Tech in 2007 with bachelor’s degree in nursing, she completed a doctorate of nursing practice (DNP) in midwifery at Baylor University. That same year, she achieved her dream and became a board-certified nurse-midwife (CNM).



Long Term Changes are Those That Work

ACN Herbs

Leslie Duong

Licensed herbalist and health nutritionist

5917 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX

214-887-8325  •  LeslieDuong.com

Leslie Duong has been a practicing herbalist for more than 20 years as a licensed Chinese herbalist and health nutritionist. She has helped thousands of clients with a variety of ailments.

       Wellness services offered include: Full line of high-quality Chinese herbs and supplements; all organic, natural herbs, with no caffeine; one-on-one consultations; nutrition and exercise recommendations.

       Areas of Speciality: acne, allergy, asthma, bronchitis, bladder infection, high blood pressure, Candida, cysts, cholesterol, cold and flu, diabetes, depression, detoxification, lack of energy, fertility, fibroid, gallbladder problems, kidney stones, herpes, hepatitis, hemorrhoids, insomnia, impotency, menopause, migraine, sinus issues, prostate, thyroid, yeast, natural weight loss and lupus.

       Philosophy of Healing: Her goal is to make committed, long-term changes in eating habits and nutritional intake because the only nutrition plan that works is one that we can continue to maintain for the rest of our life.


Acupuncture Can Be Affordable for All

Beachside Community Acupuncture

Kathleen Ellerie, LAc, Dipl OM





Kathleen Ellerie opened her practice in November. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Nutritional Sciences from the University of Florida and Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and Bachelor of Science degrees in Health Sciences, from the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine. She is also a NCCAOM-certified diplomate of Oriental medicine and a NADA-trained Acudetox specialist.

Beachside Community Acupuncture offers acupuncture treatments for $30 to $50 plus a one-time initial consultation fee of $15, allowing patients to choose how much they pay and how long they would like to stay and relax.

Ellerie wants to make acupuncture more accessible and popular in Dallas, and at the same time create a community of health-minded people that truly want to change their lives for the better. She teaches classes on Saturdays to empower people to take control of all aspects of their health.



Learn the Benefits of Functional Dentistry

Legacy Dentistry

Toni Engram, DDS

151 Walton Way, St. 102, Midlothian, TX

972-723-1148 • Info@LegacyDentistry.com



Toni Engram, DDS, serving the southern DFW suburbs, is a member of the Holistic Dental Association, the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. 

Legacy Dentistry offers safe removal of amalgam fillings, fluoride-free cleanings and a hands-on educational approach for young patients featuring learning lab experiments. A holistic health coach is available for nutritional guidance. “We take a functional medicine approach to dentistry, which means we seek to find a cause of disease before resorting to invasive procedures,” says Engram.

Legacy provides a wide array of general, prevention-focused dentistry for the whole family, and Engram states, “God designed your bodies to heal themselves; we strive to help you do this as safe and as naturally as possible. Our goal is to support you on your journey to health by educating you and holistically serving your needs with integrity and respect.”



A Functional Holistic Approach to Women's Needs

Integrative Medicine and Obstetics and Gynecology

Claudia E. Harsh, M.D.

Baylor Scott & White, Sammons Cancer Center

3410 Worth St., Ste. 370, Dallas, TX




Claudia Harsh, M.D., DABOG, DABIHM, is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and integrative medicine. She is a gynecologist for Texas Oncology at the Sammons Cancer Center at Baylor University Medical Center, in Dallas, where she treats patient with dysplasia, assists with surveillance exams and counsels patients on hereditary genetics and cancer survivorship. She also practices integrative medicine and medical acupuncture at the Virginia Cvetko Integrative Medicine Center at Baylor University Medical Center, in Dallas.

         Wellness services offered include: functional medicine assessment, including nutritional testing and treatment, hormonal testing and treatment, gastrointestinal tract assessment and treatments, genomics, medical acupuncture and stress-management tools and techniques, including HeartMath and breath work.

         Areas of specialty: functional medicine, nutragenomics, medical acupuncture, female hormone balance, thyroid balance, irritable bowel and chronic constipation, cancer prevention and cancer survivorship,

         Philosophy of healing: Harsh has a strong interest in a holistic approach to women’s emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. She believes our bodies want to come into optimal balance; her goal is to understand what is needed to achieve that balance.



Bringing Care to the Right Place at the Right Time

KC CORE at Medical City Dallas Hospital

Steven Kloster, DC

972-566-3355 •KCcore.com



KC CORE, with three locations in the Dallas Metroplex, is a comprehensive rehabilitation and pain center that treats a variety of conditions. Due to their close relationship with medical doctors, they get pain referrals for people that have tried everything else.

Wellness services offered include: Webster Technique, Fascial Distortion Model, National Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression and Functional Capacity Evaluation. Dr. Steven Kloster holds a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Parker University.

Areas of specialty: with their location inside hospitals, KC CORE works in conjunction with medical doctors and clinicians for the most complete, well-rounded care of patients. Kloster has relationships with OB/GYNs, midwives and doulas that refer to him for prenatal care.

Philosophy of healing: “Most of the time, we find that the issue is musculoskeletal in nature and we can really help. Whether suffering with fibromyalgia or longstanding pain from an old accident or chronic pain for years, we can help with myofascial treatments.”


Cutting-Edge Women’s Medicine

Integrative Medicine and Gynecology

Dr. Carolyn Matthews, M.D.

Baylor Scott and White, Sammons Cancer Center

3410 Worth St., Ste. 370, Dallas, TX



Dr. Carolyn Matthews is director of the Integrative Medicine Center at Baylor Scott and White, in Dallas, the first hospital-based center of integrative medicine in North Texas. She is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, gynecologic oncology, medical acupuncture, palliative care and hospice medicine, and integrative medicine. She is also a certified practitioner of functional medicine.

       Services offered include: In tandem with traditional treatments, offerings include mind-body-spirit oriented therapies that have some evidence basis; comprehensive reviews of medical history and environmental factors.

       Areas of specialty: integrative medicine and medical acupuncture.

       Philosopy of healing: Matthews is passionate about assessing the whole patient and looking for and treating underlying causes of pathology. Prescriptions may include dietary or lifestyle changes, relaxation techniques, acupuncture, support with journaling, guided imagery, specialty laboratory testing, and pharmaceutical-grade botanical and nutritional supplements.


Functional Medicine Shines at Treating Chronic Disease

Integrative Wellness Rx

David Morcom, Pharm.D., RPh.

6211 W. Northwest Hwy., Ste. C-100 Dallas

214-293-5103 • IntegrativeWellnessRX.com


Dr. Morcom is a practitioner of functional medicine, fusing traditional herbalism with advanced diagnostic testing, his background in modern pharmacology and the newest research in herbs, nutrition and natural medicine. With an integrative and holistic approach, he aims to understand patients as a whole and the condition at its root.

Wellness services offered include: functional medicine workups, nutritional and genetic analysis (MTHFR and beyond), supplement regimen customization, medication therapy management, intelligent medication tapering, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy consultations, advanced diagnostic testing and interpretation and diet and lifestyle education.

Areas of specialty: brain health, mood and sleep, digestive dysfunction, genetics, Candida management, energy production, chronic pain, adrenal fatigue, hormone balancing, age-related cognitive decline, autoimmunity, inflammation, detoxification, blood sugar regulation, drug-induced nutrient deficiencies, meditation and stress reduction, environmental/food sensitivities and allergies.

Philosophy of healing: “I believe that the human body is a remarkable system that is innately self-healing. Chronic disease is where functional medicine truly shines.”



Improving Lives Through Dentistry

Dallas Designer Smiles

Daniel Strader, DDS

8222 Douglas Ave., Ste. 810

Dallas, TX

214-363-7777 • 2Grin.com  

Dr. Strader and his staff have been practicing dentistry for more than 30 years on the same block in University Park. He understands that when looking at a patients’ total health, putting an end to root canals and fluoride while utilizing metal-free crowns and dentures, BPA-free fillings and safe removal of mercury/silver fillings is paramount. He is certified by International Academy of Oriental Medicine and Toxicology and International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine.

       Wellness Services offered include: common cosmetic dental problems, sedation dentistry, sleep apnea, breath treatment, gum treatment and snoring treatment.

       Areas of specialty: cosmetic dentistry, biological dentistry, TMJ/TMD, laser dentistry and restorative dentistry.

       Philosophy of healing: Biological dentistry is just as effective as traditional dentistry, without the risk of toxic exposure. Dallas Designer Smiles feels that they are not just changing smiles, they are changing and improving people’s lives as a whole.



Allowing the Body to Heal as God Intended

Abundant Life Wellness Center

Jennifer Trejo, Naturopath

Maribel Trigger, Naturopath and

Neurofeedback Specialist

3904 Boat Club Rd., Lake Worth, TX

817-847-0900 • AbundantLifeWellnessCenter.com


Jennifer Trejo helps people with autoimmunity, fatigue, allergies, skin disorders, gastrointestinal issues, hormone imbalance and neurological concerns at Abundant Life Wellness Center.

Wellness services offered include: naturopathic support; neurofeedback for disorders such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, addictions, migraines, insomnia, post-stroke and post-concussion; holistic nutrition and lifestyle counseling, as well as genetic testing for customized weight loss; detoxification with ionic foot detoxes and oxygen steam sauna; breast health, utilizing non-invasive, radiation-free thermography and emotional freedom release.

Areas of specialty: chronic and challenging health concerns and genetic testing and epigenetic/nutrigenomic support and education (MTHFR and other genes).

Philosophy of healing: “God created the body to heal itself. We just need to give it an environment to do what it was created to do naturally,” says Trejo.



A Testament to Love

Lisa Ware’s Yoga 4 Love

Advanced Training Programs Online 200/300

469-437-1334 • Instructor@Yoga4Love.net


Lisa Ware, an E-RYT 500 yoga teacher, reiki master teacher and cosmetologist, launched Yoga 4 Love in 2008, in honor of her mom’s journey with breast cancer. She is a seasoned emcee and host for many Texas yoga community events and serves on the board of directors of the Texas Yoga Association.

Wellness services offered include: Earth Day Dallas and the Yoga Conference + Music Fest. The Yoga 4 Love Cabin Studio and Yoga 4 Your Inner Goddess Retreats is located south of Dallas on a beautiful three-acre private property with a white limestone creek canyon overlooking a waterfall.

Areas of specialty: The studio specializes in private group classes in a far-infrared hot vinyasa flow, reiki energy work and individual LIfe, BIz and Nutrition Coaching. Ware offers guided meditations, women’s sacred circles and outdoor yoga.

Philosophy of healing:  to bring global awareness to the traditional vinyasa yoga teachings through the Yoga 4 Love programs.



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