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Green Congregations

From lobbying to solar energy to recycling, congregations are working to care for our sacred planet.

Dangers in the Cosmetic Bag

Made-in-USA cosmetics commonly include toxic ingredients banned in the European Union; a nifty phone app can help us know when to take a pass.

Greening America's Games

From LED lights to low-flow toilets to compostable drink cups, American stadiums are dramatically reducing their environmental impact.

Green Arts

With a little research, we can make beautiful art and crafts using non-toxic supplies from planet-friendly sources.

Food Gleaning

By picking what’s left behind in the fields, nonprofit groups are providing fresh, healthy food to millions nationwide.

The Teeny-Tiny Vacation Option

Ever longed to try out downsizing? Teeny-tiny rentals a tenth the size of an average home are springing up at vacation sites ranging from national forests to urban centers.

Toxin-Free Beauty Salons

Nail polish, hair dyes and hair straighteners are typically loaded with toxic chemicals, but there are healthier alternatives.


With close-at-hand natural ingredients like honey and baking soda, we can create beauty products that are safe, affordable and effective.

The Sun’s Electrifying Future

As technological advancements and lower costs deliver solar power to even remote villages, it is becoming an accessible engine of economic progress.

Musician with a Cause

The popular singer-songwriter from Hawaii ensures that his concerts are eco-friendly, and donates tour proceeds to green causes.

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