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Edible Hormones

Eating appropriately nutritious foods is a natural way to balance hormones that helps relieve symptoms of menopause, protect against breast cancer and preserve bone health. These four powerhouse foods top the drug-free approach.

Eating Ecology

How we choose, prepare, cook, serve and preserve our food can improve nutrition, weight loss, cost savings and the environment.

The Better Brain Diet

Many brain health experts are now focusing on food as a critical defense against dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. Promising clinical trials suggest that nutritional changes may stave off cognitive impairment.

Feeding Ourselves Well

As a way to feed ourselves well, urban gardening is taking root. A new crop of farmers defies stereotypes as millions of Americans now participate in growing mainstay foods.

Food & Mood

Habitually eating in response to our emotions can cause weight gain and health problems. Follow these suggestions to help rebalance the body’s chemistry and biochemical signals (hunger, cravings and fullness).

Sustainable Weight Loss

Health experts agree that many foods can play multiple roles in weight loss. Learn which key foods to add to your diet.

Healthy Holiday Baking

Yum! What could be more comforting than the scent and taste of homebaked treats? These healthy options are perfect for festive celebrations, hostess gifts or exchanges.

Holiday Cheer

Gluten-free beverages and organic spirits, wines, mixers and cocktails that avoid sugary syrups help keep our “fa-la-la” spirit going stronger and longer. They taste and look delish, too!

Global Flavors

Celebrating Vegetarian Awareness Month, we take a tasty look at the continuing evolution of vegetarian eating habits and offer recipes from leading cookbooks.

Banishing Wheat Belly

Learn why preventive cardiologist Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight and Find Your Path Back to Health, believes wheat is behind so many current health problems.

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