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Embracing Oriental Medicine as Part of a Total Health Plan

Dr. Carlos Chapa, OMD, LAc, Phd., is a doctor of Oriental medicine, board certified herbalist and licensed acupuncturist, and owner of Acupuncture & Integrative Medical Center.

Managed Prevention or Managed Disease: It’s Your Choice

The way to get healthy and stay healthy is to take charge of our health and accept full responsibility.

How to Choose a Health Coach

Become happier and healthier by working with a health coach in 2014. Look for these five assets when hiring a health coach.

Food Cravings Similar to Addictions

Have you ever heard someone say they are addicted to cupcakes? What about ice cream or any other type of food? Well, they aren’t just using the word “addicted” as a figure of speech, at least according to one new study.

Ayurveda Seeks to Unite All Creatures in Wellness

Ayurveda is not a fad diet or celebrity trend, it’s actually the oldest continuously practiced healthcare system in the world.

Bello Naturale Makes Naturally Great Holiday Gifts

Bello Naturale offers organic bath and skincare products, all environmentally friendly, that make great holiday gifts.

Get a Handle on Holiday Blues

Here are some ideas to treat or prevent holiday stress that apply to all children, and adults could benefit from them, as well.

Don’t Be a Sitting Duck This Winter

Following these simple strategies to maintain wellness throughout the season, many families have reported having a great, healthy winter.

North Texas’ Largest Hospital Embraces Integrative Medicine

The integrative medicine program at Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center at Dallas offers individualized approaches to lifestyle, diet, exercise and mind-body medicine that are integrated with traditional care to promote optimal health and healing.

Hot Tubs Provide Valuable Hydrotherapy

Hot tubs can aid in relief of arthritis, bromyalgea, diabetes, sports injuries, back, hip or knee problems and stress relief and relaxation.

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