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Local Acupuncturist Trains with the Renowned Dr. Shin

Dr. Carlos Chapa, LAc, PhD, is a holistic physician and owner of Valley Ranch Acupuncture and Integrative Medical Center, and was recently invited by a renowned doctor of Eastern medicine for training.

Mercury-Free Dentistry Versus Mercury-Safe

Many dentists are now mercury free, meaning they no longer place the toxic, mercury-laden silver amalgam fillings in patients’ mouths.

The Healing Power of Sound Vibration

Sound is energy vibrations that can have a dramatic effect on the world around us; we can direct the power of sound to positively affect our bodies, minds, and emotions by focusing it through energy points on the body.

Which Thermography is Best?

There are currently two widely available forms of thermography; infrared thermal imaging and whole body thermography. How can either of these options help you?

New Dallas Brain Performance Institute Promotes Brain Wellness

The Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas at Dallas is a scientific research institute committed to understanding, protecting and healing the brain.

Thermography Receives Official Endorsements

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration completed a review of the new AlfaSight 9000 system earlier this year and has cleared it to help with diagnosis of abnormalities of the female breast.

Pharmaceuticals Versus Herbs for Treating Depression

When it comes to depression, everyone seems to be looking for ways to treat the symptoms, often without addressing the root of the problem, but there are natural remedies that can aid in your fight against depression.

Majority of Americans Say Chiropractic Works for Neck and Back Pain

Chiropractic care has a positive reputation among many U.S. adults for effective treatment of neck and back pain, with many agreeing that it is an effective treatment for this pain.

Baylor’s Arts in Medicine Program Adds Spiritual Dimension

Baylor University Medical Center has included artists on their staff who are there to provide patients with a creative outlet that complements therapies and healing.

Grand Prairie is Growing in the Right Direction

Grand Prairie really is a hidden gem in the Metroplex for those seeking a green lifestyle; the city takes a hands-on approach to encouraging residents to lead green, active lives.

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