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Keeping Our Body in Harmony

There is a new term, “civilization disease”, gaining in popularity, which means that the wonders of our industrial/technical age have also brought with them a toxic load the body is incapable of managing; and women are particularly vulnerable.

Silver Colloids Support Sinus Health Naturally

For people with sensitive sinuses, life can seem like a contest between breathing more freely and staying off of steroid sprays and antibiotics.

Deciphering Food Sensitivities

No discussion of food sensitivities would be complete without considering the root of the problem. Other elements in the environment, from foods to topical applications and inhalants, may mitigate or worsen someone’s response.

Lose Fat Without Harming Your Heart

The big challenge with losing weight is reducing overall body fat without stimulants or ingredients that artificially raise heart rate and keeping the fat off by changing long-practiced habits.

Chronic Inflammation and Heart Disease

Inflammation is meant to be a lifesaver. These types of short-lived immune responses keep us healthy. If the inflammation process doesn't halt when the threat is stabilized, it becomes a chronic, rather than a temporary, condition.

Adapting an Ancient Art to Modern Medicine

Dr. Daniel Finley, LAC, practices acupuncture and Oriental medicine at the Living Well Health and Wellness Center, in Dallas.

Baylor’s Integrative Medicine Program Offers Holistic Approach

Baylor’s Integrative Medicine Program in Dallas is blazing trails in North Texas.

Embracing Oriental Medicine as Part of a Total Health Plan

Dr. Carlos Chapa, OMD, LAc, Phd., is a doctor of Oriental medicine, board certified herbalist and licensed acupuncturist, and owner of Acupuncture & Integrative Medical Center.

Managed Prevention or Managed Disease: It’s Your Choice

The way to get healthy and stay healthy is to take charge of our health and accept full responsibility.

How to Choose a Health Coach

Become happier and healthier by working with a health coach in 2014. Look for these five assets when hiring a health coach.

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