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Gaining Information for Safer Healthcare

Giving and receiving safe care is a goal that is shared by healthcare providers, patients and families.

Transformative Education and Mental Health

Many children and teens struggle with mental health issues which can make traditional education a daily burden that aggravates symptoms.

Protein Comparison of Whey Concentrate, Isolate and Hydrolysate

When it comes to protein, the type, amount, and timing are all important.

Listen Up: Natural Ways to Treat Summer Earaches

Water-based fun for children this time of year can sometimes lead to infections in young ears.

Dallas Herbalist Leslie Duong Helps Clients Be Their Best

Health nutritionist and Licensed Herbalist Leslie Duong says she’s discovered the keys to maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Fight the Aging Process and Regain Precious Sleep with DHEA

DHEA, the most abundant pro-hormone in the body, is one of the building blocks of hormones with testosterone, estrogen and about 50 others that drive our energy, mood, muscle tone, fat, quality of sleep, mental sharpness, sex drive and more.

Keeping Our Body in Harmony

There is a new term, “civilization disease”, gaining in popularity, which means that the wonders of our industrial/technical age have also brought with them a toxic load the body is incapable of managing; and women are particularly vulnerable.

Silver Colloids Support Sinus Health Naturally

For people with sensitive sinuses, life can seem like a contest between breathing more freely and staying off of steroid sprays and antibiotics.

Deciphering Food Sensitivities

No discussion of food sensitivities would be complete without considering the root of the problem. Other elements in the environment, from foods to topical applications and inhalants, may mitigate or worsen someone’s response.

Lose Fat Without Harming Your Heart

The big challenge with losing weight is reducing overall body fat without stimulants or ingredients that artificially raise heart rate and keeping the fat off by changing long-practiced habits.

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