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Sustainable Communities

I’m beyond excited by this month’s focus on Sustainable Communities. One of my 2015 goals is to up the ante around this theme to support Natural Awakenings’ coast-to-coast goal of forwarding healthy living on a healthy planet, starting in our almost 100 markets.

Conscious Caregiving

In thinking about this month’s issue, it dawned on me that our theme of Conscious Caregiving ideally describes a universal state of being that transcends the world’s dailyness.

The Joy of Learning

Working with this Transformative Education issue has me considering some thought-provoking ideas, such as how this time of the year brings on commencement of the traditional school year for most educational institutions, making it kind of a second “new year”.

A Bountiful Year

It has been an amazing and bountiful year for the North Texas local, natural and organic foods movement. People from diverse backgrounds and belief systems all seem to agree on one issue: Eating naturally grown, fresh, local food is good for our health, environment and local economy.

Sage Advice from Men

This month, we celebrate Father’s Day and all the good men in our lives, from brothers, uncles, grandfathers, sons, mentors and special bosses to the invaluable, selfless, men that have “stood tall in the gap” fathering us along the way.

May 2014 Publisher Letter

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this month and our theme of Women’s Wellness, I’m naturally contemplating our universal Mother Earth, as well.

April 2014 Publisher Letter

You often hear of my passion for a singular message in my publisher letters: Green living is healthy and healthy living is green, and that God has made us and the Earth to be self-sustaining.

March 2014 Publisher Letter

In preparing this month’s special Food & Garden issue, I am again pleasurably reminded of how blessed we are here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.

February 2014 Publisher Letter

As I reflect upon this month’s focus on heart health, I am reminded of how the heart is not only a determining hub of physical health, but also of our emotional, spiritual and mental health.

January 2014 Publisher Letter

How wonderful it is that every 12 months we each have another opportunity to turn the page, start fresh and gift our self with a “do-over”.

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