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February 2013 Publisher Letter

I intend to be a better steward of my interactions with loved ones, those less easy to love, plants and animals, the land we live on, the air we breathe and Earth’s life-giving waters. I hope and trust that you will join me.

December 2012 Publisher Letter

January 2013 Publisher Letter

November 2012 Publisher Letter

With this month culminating in Thanksgiving Day, November feels like the perfect time to pause to reflect on all the blessings that are ours.

October 2012 Publisher Letter

How perfect it is that preparation of Natural Awakenings’ October issue on the environment coincides with the topic of Divine Creation, according to the first chapter of Genesis, in my weekly Bible Study class.

September 2012 Publisher Letter

There’s no question that September leads all months as my favorite time of the year.

August 2012 Publisher Letter

This month’s focus on Family Wellness is vital, with Natural Awakenings contributors offering helpful ideas to equip every member of the family for healthy, happy living.

July 2012 Publisher Letter

Reading these pages brings extra delight this month as we see and recall all the different ways we can ritualistically amp up our summer pleasure-meter with special fun factors.

June 2012 Publisher Letter

Welcome to our second anniversary issue! The journey continues to be an exciting and rewarding one, thanks to all of you.

May 2012 Publisher Letter

This month, as we take special moments to appreciate and celebrate our mothers, let’s think of some new and substantial ways we can honor and celebrate Mother Earth.

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