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Kids Dig Worm Composting

Kids have an extra incentive to help prepare and eat fresh fruits and veggies when they know the worms must be fed! Follow these easy tips for successful composting, indoors or out.

Eco-Camps for Kids

Earth-friendly camp experiences can help kids unplug from daily routines, connect with the miracles of nature and appreciate green values—with plenty of fun thrown in, too.

Mindful Kids

Teaching mindfulness practices to youth helps them experience calm and well-being.

Sacred Time with Children

Parenthood is a calling—a way to find meaning in your own life. Spirituality is about transcending any limitations on your vision. In raising a child, you are contributing to society and to the future.

Smart Snacks

The trick to feeding your kids snacks is to provide choices that are quick, irresistible and healthy. Here’s how to mind the munchkins’ munchies with smart-snack strategies.

Raising Healthy Eaters

You can cultivate healthy eating habits in your children right from the cradle. Establish these key parental practices suggested by two moms who are certified nutritionists.

Kid-Centered Ceremonies

Ceremonies magically transfom the ordinary into the extraordinary, and children love them as an opportunity to express creativity. Let these ideas spark your own family rituals.

Democracy in Action

Ask Isaac Graves what seventh grade was like at The Free School in Albany, New York, and he paints a picture that would seem like a dream to many conventional middle schoolers—and a nightmare to their administrators. There were no tests, no homework...

Smacking Good Snacks

Expand the notion of snack time and have healthy foods ready when hunger strikes at a moment’s notice.

Kids' Vitamin Guide

Most kids are more likely to grab a French fry than a broccoli floret. Fortunately, a children’s-specific, high-quality multivitamin can help provide crucial, missing nutrients, as well as build an early shield against diabetes, heart disease and childhood cancers

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