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Nature’s Metric

The Living Future Challenge has developed a bold framework to evoke fresh thinking about the design of systems, products and buildings.

Making Strides

More than 400 mayors are supporting Extra Mile Day, which celebrates the power of people to create positive change in families, organizations and communities.

Farm Therapy

Efforts are underway to recruit and train veterans to work on small farms for both financial and therapeutic reasons.

Thriving Eco-Towns

Low-cost, easily-built homes and communal farming operations are lifting incomes while supporting a healthier environment.

Om-Based Care

Holistic clinics, alternative practitioners and yoga studios are increasingly providing free or low-cost services to people in need.

Cash Mobs

Close on the heels of dancing and protesting flash mobs, “cash mobs” are popping up—people that flood a beloved locally-owned store on a certain day to infuse it with sales and renewed customer relationships.

Golden Years

To ease the financial pinch and loneliness of aging boomer women, a new website offers algorithms that help in locating like-minded roommates.

Pick-Me-Up Books

Roadside mailboxes filled with books are popping up around the world, enhancing literacy and building community.

Loving Local

In the faceoff against online retailers, local bookstores, coffee shops and specialty food shops are doing surprisingly well.

Standard Returns

An online barter currency called the Terra could help reverse the booms and busts of the international business cycle.

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