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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Letter From the Publisher

Sep 03, 2014 05:47PM

“Autumn... the year's last, loveliest smile.”

 ~ William Cullen Bryant, Indian Summer


I know you join me, friends, in welcoming back New England’s crisp, Technicolor autumn, which has been patiently waiting to make its appearance. As its rejuvenating vibration washes over us, we are again reminded of the cycle of life that’s capable of sharing earned radiance even late into the season.

Just so, we too can age gracefully and with dignity. This month’s issue of Natural Awakenings of Southern Maine speaks to this with dual themes of Conscious Caregiving and Yoga, both of which can reflect and lead to transformation. As our bodies change, our minds can continue to create and our spirit can grow stronger and more essentially vital than ever.

Our contributors’ articles recalled warm memories of my beloved Uncle Manik, who recently passed. Born and raised in India, he dedicated much of his life to the practice of yoga. Whenever I visited him in Kolkata, he would show me ways to combat whatever discomfort I was feeling at the time using specialized poses and a deep focus on my breath. Sometimes I’d find myself just following his instructions by rote to appease the teacher in him, but once I noticed the discomfort diminishing, it hit me that, “It’s working!”

As Manik grew older and part of him grew weak, he never let it impact his spirit or profound involvement with yoga, which kept him going. Even following a debilitating series of strokes in 2013, he still loved to sit quietly and fall into a deep meditative state. Whatever he battled within, he dealt with it on his terms. All of it was the beauty of Uncle Manik.

This month, we introduce you to some of our community’s many local practitioners that also have dedicated their life to bettering ours through yoga. Elizabeth Burd, founder of Yoga for Parkinson’s, in South Portland, shares with us her journey of becoming Maine’s only yoga practitioner with this specialty. Darcy Cunningham, owner of Turning Light Center, in North Yarmouth, walk us through what it means to be a yoga therapist and her continuing motivation.

As you turn the pages, we hope that you will find inspiration supported by practical tips that make a meaningful difference in your life.


Om Shanti Om,


Debjani Das, Publisher

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