2019 Healthy Living Guide Business Profiles



Insight is the Key to Lasting Change

Advancing Holistic Health Inc.

Advancing Holistic Health Inc. is the only fully online preparatory program that allows nurses to sit for national board certification as nurse coach and/or holistic nurse through the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation. Lyn McCright is the owner and program director. We offer nursing continuing education CEUs, and all licensed health professionals are prepared for certification as health coach.

Their educational process is insight-based learning, because their philosophy is that insight is the only way to make a lasting change. Services include consulting, professional trainings, seminars and coaching for healthcare organizations. Advancing Holistic Health, Inc. offers keynote speakers to the healthcare industry, addressing communication, relationship building, teamwork, civility and burnout prevention.

During a coaching session, participants have an intentional conversation regarding a desired change. The coach’s role is to listen and bring light to possibilities previously unexplored.

For more information, call 254-751-7111, email Info@AdvancingHolisticHealth.com or visit AdvancingHolisticHealth.com.



Entrust Environmental Quality to Air North Texas

Air North Texas

Ten counties in North Texas fall under non-attainment for the pollutant ozone, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). North Texas must meet ozone emissions standards as set by the EPA or face federal sanctions. The Air North Texas campaign was created to help address the air quality problem in our region.

Its resources include ozone alerts, monthly educational newsletters, clean air events, Car Care Clinics, auto pollution-exhaust grants and the annual Clean Air Action Day. The campaign was formed by the North Central Texas Council of Governments with support of regional government agencies, nonprofit organizations, transportation authorities and others. Air North Texas annual reports offer details about how the campaign is implemented each year.

For more information, call 817-695-9240 or visit AirNorthTexas.org.



Celebration Restaurant, Catering and Market Aims to Please

Celebration Restaurant, Catering & Market

Celebration is Dallas’ original farm-to-table restaurant. In March 1971, founder Ed Lowe built a restaurant out of real stone, wood and copper to serve good food to good people. With Celebration Catering, patrons can enjoy the same great food at corporate meetings, weddings or other social events. They also provide an array of meals-to-go for the busy family weekday dinner or a family gathering.

At Celebration Catering, the focus on fresh, seasonal, locally and sustainably sourced delicious food. Their efforts in maintaining a clean menu have introduced new, healthier options that benefit the ecological health of the environment, such as antibiotic-free chicken and turkey, local grass-fed ground beef, sustainably-sourced seafood and no artificial preservatives, nitrate-free deli meat.

Whether looking for the comfort of classic pot roast or freshly prepared daily rotating fresh vegetables, the menu is built to accommodate all sorts of tastes and dietary choices, including gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan.

Location: 4503 W. Lovers Lane, Dallas. For more information, call 214-351-5681 or visit CelebrationRestaurant.com.



One-Stop Shop for Toxin-Free Products


Cleerlife is a one-stop-shop for toxin-free products and services founded in 2016 by Jennifer Helms and Lisa Solomon, two professional Dallas women with a passion for clean living. They believe everyone deserves safe products, a clean environment and good health. Cleerlife helps our clients achieve those goals by teaching them how to reduce the toxins in their homes and on their bodies through education and by curating the highest quality, safest products and brands for our clients’ lifestyles.

Cleerlife takes away the guesswork, time and confusion associated with purchasing safe products by offering simple solutions. We offer customized, achievable detox plans including basic home or business detox, CleerBody, CleerKids and more. We simplify our clients’ shopping experience by offering several shopping options: online shopping, in-home or in-office consultations plus delivery, and a local experiential showroom. All our clients get the personal attention they deserve so they can create a cleaner personal environment and achieve greater wellness.

For more information, email Info@Cleerlife.com or visit Cleerlife.com.



Practical Comprehensive Education

Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD)

Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) offers quality higher education at a fraction of the cost of other institutions. At the colleges of DCCCD, you can reinvent yourself in two years or less, with more than 100 majors featuring one- and two-year certificates and degrees to help you build a rewarding career. We also offer core credit courses that are guaranteed to transfer to Texas colleges and universities and continuing education classes to improve your job skills.

DCCCD has seven individually accredited colleges: Brookhaven, Cedar Valley, Eastfield, El Centro, Mountain View, North Lake and Richland, and five community education campuses. The system, one of the largest in Texas and the U.S., serves more than 100,000 credit and 50,000 continuing education students during each academic year. Dr. Joe May serves as chancellor.

For more information, call 214-378-1823 or visit dcccd.edu.



Sustainable Travel Via Local or Express

Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is a trusted guide, helping residents and visitors discover all that North Texas has to offer. An extensive network of DART Rail, the Trinity Railway Express commuter rail, bus routes and paratransit services moves more than 220,000 passengers per day.

The DART Rail System provides fast, convenient service to work and healthcare, as well as shopping and entertainment destinations in Dallas, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Garland, Irving, Plano, Richardson and Rowlett. Plus, the TRE commuter rail line links DART customers to Irving and downtown Fort Worth.

DART operates local and express bus routes serving Addison, Carrollton, Cockrell Hill, Dallas, Farmers Branch, Garland, Glenn Heights, Highland Park, Irving, Richardson, Rowlett, Plano and University Park. Whether traveling by rail, bus or both, DART’s free GoPass app is available from the App Store or the Google Play store.

For more information, visit DART.org.



Classical Homeopath in DFW Area

DFW Homeopath, LLC

With more than 15 years of experience in homeopathic world, Shobha Vasa, owner of DFW Homeopath, LLC,  is registered with North American Society of Homeopaths and has been conferred RSHom (NA), which demonstrates her knowledge and ability to practice classical homeopathy to a high professional standard. She has deeply studied the secrets of homeopathy and achieved Bachelors of Homeopathic Medicine (BHMS) from India’s most reputed homeopathic institute.

She says that classical homeopathic care is based on totality and uniqueness of a person’s mental, physical and emotional state, not just on name of disease. I will take a detailed history to formulate the best cure with a holistic approach.

Homeopathy can help with a variety of acute and chronic recurring illnesses: allergies, asthma, anxiety/depression, ADHD, backache/sciatica, trauma, skin complaints, rheumatoid/arthritis, menopausal complaints and more. Her goal is to restore total health by increasing resistance power of the vital force and get rid of root cause of suffering.

Location: 9309 Big Foot Dr., Plano. For more information, call 972-214-5383, email dfwhomeopath@gmail.com or visit Website: dfwHomeopath.com.



Dorey AromaTherapy Emphasizes Professional Standards

Dorey AromaTherapy

Mary Ellen Dorey founded Dorey AromaTherapy in 2009 in Plano, practicing reflexology with aromatherapy. She holds certification in clinical aromatherapy, natural perfumery and reflexology, with a background in reiki and Trinity Energy Progression. Dorey is registered Aromatherapy Registration Council and an active member of Alliance of International Aromatherapists and Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Dallas.

Dorey teaches classes and offers reflexology techniques for both hands and feet, incorporating aromatherapy into each treatment, s well as a full line of products for well care, body care, skincare and natural perfumes.

She stresses that using quality oils safely is paramount. “There are a lot of well-intentioned, but uniformed people using essential oils in questionable ways. I want to help people to understand the properties of essential oils and how to use them with integrity towards the planet and one another.”

Location: 4017 Preston Rd., Ste. 525, Plano. For more information, call 972-567-3962, email Info@DoreyAromatherapy.com or visit DoreyAromatherapy.com.



Landscaping Without Chemicals

Earth Kind Services

Beau Propes founded Earth Kind Services, in Denton, in 2014. Our company was formed to provide a tool for better landscapes without chemicals. We saw there was a need to provide a service to help people have a better, natural landscape. We provide the unique service of building better soil landscapes by spreading good quality compost. In addition, we can also do organic fertilizing/soil nutrition. Our program is targeted at improving soil for better plants which in turn will have less weeds, pests, and disease.

We want to be a useful tool for people that a health conscious and want a solution for their landscape. I love being able to help people find solutions for their landscapes that are health conscious, green and sustainable. Our clients keep returning because of the good results they see having better soil and because they feel good about what we are putting on their lawn.

For more information, call 469-744-0281, email Beau@EarthKindServices.com or visit EarthKindServices.com.



Discover the Best-Kept Secrets In Healthcare

The Family and Business Alliance (FABA) Group

The Family and Business Alliance (FABA) Group was cofounded by Robert Gomez and Monty Suther in 2017 to disrupt the traditional models of healthcare. Our model of a la carte healthcare is buying the products we want and need and getting rid of the stuff we don’t necessarily need. We use co-op models (healthcare sharing) that are so more inexpensive than insurance components, but serve the same purpose.

Wellness is what people want and utilize the most, so we put together a direct pay program for a grouping of providers, both traditional and non-traditional, that can be seen and pay nothing for the visit and minor activities. Concierge wellness and healthcare sharing provide a low-cost, high-benefit option compared to the traditional high-cost, low-benefit plans that most people and companies are familiar with. The FABA Group works with individuals, small businesses, churches, nonprofits, cities, counties and schools.

For more information, call 972-695-4277 or email Info@thefabagroup.com.



Science-Backed Natural Body Strengthening

Osteostrong Carrollton

Owned by Deborah McFarland and Krishna Cheeti, OsteoStrong Carrollton opened January 201, and the new OsteoStrong Frisco opens in March. They left their corporate careers to focus on improving the quality of life of people within their community.

OsteoStrong centers specialize in musculoskeletal strengthening. Their patented robotic technology triggers natural adaptive responses to bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. One 10-minute, sweat-free, pain-free session per week produces rapid and measurable improvements in balance, reaction time, hip mobility, strength, posture, muscle tone, bone density and back and joint pain. The system is 100 percent natural, but also solidly backed by science.

Deborah is also a nonprofit American Bone Health Peer Educator and presents around the DFW metroplex on bone health and fall and fraction prevention. Our members love Osteostrong because it is ultimate biohack! In no other endeavor can one expend so little time and energy, yet see such transformative improvements in vitality, quality of life and pain relief.

Carrollton: 469-301-6040, Carrollton@Osteostrong.me; Frisco: 408-250-3690, FriscoPreston@osteostrong.me; osteostrong.me.



Salt Contains Many Healing Properties

The Salt Retreat

The Salt Retreat was founded in May of 2018 by James and Heather Tognazzini, in Frisco. They specialize in dry salt therapy (halotherapy), and it is one of only two dedicated salt therapy centers in the DFW metroplex.

Dry salt therapy is a drug-free, 100 percent natural and holistic approach to respiratory wellness. It helps alleviate symptoms of many common respiratory ailments such as allergies, asthma, common colds, COPD, sinusitis and more. It is extremely relaxing and has healing properties for skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. The Salt Retreat also carries a full line of therapeutic salt and mineral-based products.

Location: 2552 Stonebrook Pkwy., Ste. 925, Frisco. For more information, call 469-345-7258, email Info@TheSaltRetreat.com or visit TheSaltRetreat.com.




Antibacterial Bathroom Accessory

Sani-Hani Toilet Seat Lifter

Flushed With Pride, founded by Richard Harris and Gretchen Boettcher, provide, healthy options for people in the bathroom. Sani-Hani is great for training kids and others that who leave the seat up. Now there’s a safe and easy way to lift and lower the toilet seat.

The  Sani-Hani Toilet Seat Lifter has been used throughout the U.S. everywhere there’s a toile;  homes, doctors, dentists and chiropractor offices, restaurants, banks, courthouses, schools and universities, bowling alleys and theaters, to name a few. We use the highest-grade materials for long life so people can continue to use the bathroom and keep it cleaner. It’s antimicrobial, so it helps stop the spread of germs and bacteria when touched.

Location: 12344 E. Northwest Hwy., Ste. 203, Dallas. For more information, call 972-638-0504 or visit SaniHani.com.



Culinary Commodities without Contaminants

Stocks and Bondy

Created in 2014 by Joanne Bondy, Stocks and Bondy makes artisanal stocks and bone broths. Our goal is to replace bouillons, boxed broths and bases typically filled with sodium and preservatives. Seeking to improve overall health and wellness as well as improve gut health, we offer fresh, organic, local, grass-fed, high protein, high-collagen, soy-free, gluten-free, preservative-free products.

Our soups are vegan, grass-fed and protein rich and vegetarian. Culinary commodities include stocks and demi-glace, and we also have sodium-free and vegetable-free pet bone broth.

Our hand-picked vendors are the best in the area. Each day, they provide us with the best ingredients available locally and seasonally, that are always fresh and organic and delicious. Animals are never given hormones or antibiotics, and each one has been humanely treated.

Location: Dallas Farmer’s Market, 920 Harwood St., Ste. 198, Dallas. For more information and to place orders call 214-973-9459 or email Info@StocksAndBondy.com.



Relieve Chronic Pain with Proprietary Technology

The Senergy Medical Group

The Senergy Medical Group is comprised of wellness industry professionals dedicated to supporting patients interested in self-care, as well as practitioners looking for integrative, holistic medical solutions.

They are the exclusive distributors of Tennant Biomodulator® and other alternative, integrative medical solutions developed by Dr. Jerry Tennant, who holds more than 13 patents for medical devices. Tennant Biomodulator devices contain unique frequencies to produce microcurrent, electrical impulses that interface with the body’s internal peripheral nervous system for the purpose of therapeutic intervention.

Dr. Tennant’s priority frequencies are designed help patients improve circulation, increase nerve stimulation and promote faster injury recovery, as well as reduce pain naturally by increasing body voltage with gentle, non-invasive, integrative treatments. The technology has helped heal sports injuries, combat-related issues, surgeries, dental procedures, and more. It has been found effective for adults, children, seniors, and even four-legged friends.

Location: 9901 Valley Ranch Pkwy. E., Ste. 1009, Irving. For more information, call 972-580-0545 or visit Senergy.us.



Science-Based Nutritional Guidance and Services

Sundrops Vitamins and Nutrition

Since 1976, nutritionists and dietitians at Sundrops have effectively supported client health with current nutrition science, exercise guidance and research proven-supplementation. It is our belief that people do not need more information, they need a plan. Each person is given specific guidance with their diet, exercise and supplementation to maintain outstanding health. 

Our nutritionists excel in quickly explaining how the body functions and implementing a plan for success. All protocols are based strictly on research of molecules and biochemical pathways. Two things matter the most: the science and that clients do better.

We publish a monthly Nutrition Review to keep everyone up-to-date on nutrition breakthroughs.  In-depth consultations are available by appointment, and we have 25 percent off sales every first Saturday.

Location: 4306 N. Central Expy., Dallas. For more information, call 214-521-0550, email Dietitian@Sundrops.com or visit Sundrops.com.



Thermography and a Whole Lot More

Thermography Center of Dallas

Regulation Thermography (RT) is unique in that it assesses the actual functioning of organs and systems using a temperature response, and provides a highly detailed, multi-page analytical report on functional health of the whole body, including the breasts, internal organs, immune, lymph, endocrine and cardiovascular systems, as well as dental health.

Over the last 18 years, the Thermography Center of Dallas has performed thousands of non-invasive thermography screenings on patients. Unlike with mammography, there is no pain, compression or radiation of the breasts.  Used by a trained thermographer, RT can reveal underlying causes of symptoms at the earliest stages of change.

In addition to thermography screening, the center now also offers many other services, including heavy metal and hormone testing, applied kinesiology, holistic protocols and health and nutritional consultations. 

Location: 5220 Spring Valley Rd., Ste. 405, Dallas. For more information, call 214-352-8758,  email Thermography@ThermographyCenter.com or visit ThermographyCenter.com.



Unrefined Bakery Brings a Little Smile to the Table

Unrefined Bakery

The mother/daughter team of Anne Hoyt and Taylor Nicholson founded Unrefined Bakery, now with six locations, in 2010. They are an organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, corn-free, allergen-free bakery with vegan, paleo and keto options.

We bake with Heart-Healthy fats in order to bring the most flavorful, nutritious and satisfying products we can. Our goal is to bring normalcy to the severely allergic and to those who simply choose to eat in a clean' way. Baked food is comfort food; we feed people's souls and bring a smile to their heart!

For more information and orders, call 214-414-2414, email Info@UnrefinedBakery.com or visit UnrefinedBakery.com.