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Breath-Taking Wisdom

Breathing with intention works to reduce stress, diminish pain and clear out mental cobwebs.

Say Yes to Yoga

We often start doing yoga to realize greater flexibility but its deeper benefits include calmness, better relationships and a feeling of vibrant connection with the Divine.

Runner’s Hi

These days, with women comprising a majority of marathon runners, the emerging mantra is “Forget elapsed running time; just cross the finish line and have fun doing it.”

Good Clean Fun Water Sports

It’s hard to enjoy the water when it’s littered with plastic trash and other flotsam—which is why sports lovers across the country are rallying to collect floating and submerged debris.

Moveable Feet

Smart strategies, from breathing deep to using poles to ditching texting, make it easier to hit the ground for wellness.

Body Ease

Unconscious physical patterns can throw our bodies out of whack and stiffen us up, but three approaches – Alexander, Feldenkrais and Trager – offer options for easier movement.

Qi Whiz

Qigong’s gentle movements strengthen the body so it can take care of itself and will boost our overall health and happiness.

Tweet those Fitness Goals

With Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, we can get all the fitness buddies we need, plus lots of useful strategies.

Cycles of Spin

Spinning, which originally combined a Zen-like cycling state and high-octane workout, may be cycling back to its roots.

Fitness à la Carte

Gyms nationwide are offering up a wide range of diverse classes, from ballet-inspired workouts to interval training, that take the routine out of exercise.

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