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Yoga’s Mindfulness Helps Control Weight

Research suggests that adding yoga practice to a standard weight-loss program may both make it more effective and promote eating behavior that is healthy and empowering.

Yoga’s Mindfulness Helps Control Weight

New research has found that yoga teaches mindful eating, causing those who practice it to gain less weight than those who do not.

Changing How Genes Respond to Stress

Research now suggests that mind-body techniques like yoga and meditation are capable of changing how human genes behave in response to stress.

Vigorous Exercise Cuts Breast Cancer Risk

While previous studies have shown that exercise may protect against breast cancer, a study points out that not all exercise qualifies.

Energy Drinks: Exercise Caution

Scientists are warning fans of workouts and athletics to exercise caution when it comes to imbibing so-called energy drinks.

Exercise Counters Insomnia

Scientists have examined the link between moderate exercise and a good night’s sleep.

Aerobics Boosts Body and Mind

Studies have found that regular aerobic exercise has a positive impact in staying mentally sharp.

Think Twice

A study determined that weight gained during an exercise hiatus can be unexpectedly tough to shed.

Get a Better Body Image

Want to make peace with your physique? Step off the treadmill and onto a yoga mat.

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