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Improve Your Snooze

Can what we eat help us enjoy better sleep? Yes, says our panel of experts—see which foods, drinks and supplements they recommend to ease your zzz’s.

7 Power Foods

Famed vegan Ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier shares how seven super foods can help us regain energy, sleep better, shed pounds, feel happier and thrive.

Fun Party Foods

These crowd-pleasing appetizers combine classic concepts with tasty twists and are sure to wow guests.

Eating Out? Eat Green

It’s a given that many local mom-and-pop restaurants are doing it right, but some chains are worth considering, too. Review our recommendations and check-list for recognizing eco-friendly eateries.

Household Water Watch

Many communities skirt the line of what’s safe when it comes to drinking water. Follow these tips to stay abreast of the status of your tap water.

Liquid Nutrition

You don’t need to drink as much as you might think. Here’s the truth about what’s sufficient, plus five other myths about water.

Gluten-Free Baking

Here’s how to shop for gluten-free foods, the scoop on safe-to-eat flours, plus yummy gluten-free recipes.

Juice Up

Juices extracted from whole fresh produce deliver pure liquid nutrition for clean, bio-available fuel and cell-quenching hydration.

Berry Good

Full of flavor and flavonoids, each type of berry offers a particular health protection.

Honey Almighty

One of the oldest sweeteners used by man, honey remains a perennial favorite for good reason, with far more to recommend it than just savoring its sweetness.

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