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The Healing Power of Story

The stories we tell ourselves about our lives have immense power to liberate and empower us.

Trust Your Intuition

By moving beyond the busybody mind and relaxing deeply, we open the doorway to intuitive insights that unerringly guide us toward happiness.

Live Your Song

We each have a unique vibrational frequency that traditional cultures call our soul song, and listening to it guides us throughout our life.

Wilderness in Sidewalk Cracks

In the quiet beauties of ants and weeds, urban kids relish the joys of the natural world.

Gardening as Spiritual Practice

Working the soil envelops us in purposefulness, patience, humility and gratitude.

Healing Hurt

Four simple phrases help us to forgive others, release heartfelt pain and move on with our lives.

Soul-Full Goals

When we get clear on how we want to feel inside, our next steps in life become more apparent.

Near Death Experiences

An astonishing 8 million Americans have been resuscitated after ‘death,’ and once they have experienced the purity of higher consciousness, their lives are never the same again.

Be Happy Right Now

By being true to ourselves, expressing our feelings and laughing with gusto, we can avoid heartbreakingly common end-of-life regrets.

Fast Track to Personal Growth

Teachers in venues across the nation are offering approaches that expand personal health and transformation to include healing the ills of the planet.

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