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Dallas Carryout Bag Ordinance Starts on New Year’s Day 2015

A new city of Dallas carryout bag ordinance, designed to help reduce litter in our community

A Few Thoughts on Sustainable Seafood

Serving fish that is either wild or farmed in environmentally responsible ways.

Spiral Diner Now Serving Vegan Cocktails in Dallas

A 2010 city election turned the neighborhood “wet” and allowed Spiral Diner to apply for an alcohol license.

Grass-fed Beef: The Ultimate Protein

Did you know grass-fed beef is on the same level of healthiness as fish?

Franchesca Nor: Green Healthy Chef at Dive Coastal Cuisine

Franchesca Nor has developed a loyal following at Dive Coastal Cuisine, and now the Dallas-based chef wants to take her gourmet seafood restaurant to the next level when it comes to nutrition.

Organic Milk’s David Outsmarting Industry’s Goliath

Don Seale, of County Line Farms, an independent organic milk producer in Earth, Texas, discusses the benefits of organic milk.

Edible Landscaping

Tips and tricks for blending food crops and herbs into landscaping from Howard Garret, “The Dirt Doctor”.

Gluten-Free Apps On The Go

Several developers have developed smart phone apps that help identify gluten-free foods and ingredients, along with location services to find restaurants with gluten-free menus.

Decoding the Mystery of pH in the Garden

The pH of things is one of the mysteries of daily life. It comes up when the conversation turns to beer making, swimming pool water, dairy products or garden soil.

Festive Healthy Fare for the Holidays

Recipes for a soup, a salad and a couple of sweets that can complement the centerpiece of any holiday dinner, courtesy of Be Raw and Juice restaurant in Preston Center.

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