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Five Tips for Eating Away from Home

Advice for eating healthy away from home.

GMOs Now Found in Everyday Food

The genetic modifications in many foods are not safe for human consumption and the devastating health problems are just beginning.

Local Farmers Markets

The Dallas Metroplex is surrounded by high quality working farms and ranches. As such Farmers Markets in North Texas are flourishing. Here is a sampling of some of what is available.

Fairmont Hotel Raises the Highest Herbs in Town

The Fairmont Hotel, in the middle of downtown Dallas, maintains a 3,000-square-foot herb and vegetable garden on its rooftop terrace level.

This Portable Farm Keeps on Truckin’

When a mother and daughter team from Garden Inspirations decided to incorprate the DFW Truck Farm as part of their garden education program, one good garden deed led to another.

What’s Local, Organic and Delicious? Milk!

In Earth, Texas, the cows are happy, healthy and humanely cared for on the 3,000-acre organic farm that that produces County Line Farms’ milk, grazing naturally and enjoying the fresh, clean, West Texas air.

Asian Wintermelon

The yogis of India have long regarded wintermelon as one of the most naturally energizing foods, due to its high quotient of what yogic science refers to as prana, or vital life energy.

Three Foods to Heal Your Body

For those who are serious about the food they eat and want to lead healthy lives, here are three superfoods that will help ease the pain in your joints and prevent disease.

Conventional Restaurant Serves Up Fresh and Local Flavor

Dallas’ own Blue Mesa Grill is one restaurant that has made serving the best possible meals to their customers the goal since day one.

Cook Up Some Healthy Nutrition for the Holidays

By modernizing traditional meals, we can provide updated, tasty alternatives, while preserving the sentimental holiday experience.

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