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Renewable Energy in Texas Versus Germany

As the Texas economy expands, electricity usage per unit of economic output has actually fallen!

The Real-Life Happy Meal

Know Your Food is a 190-acre ranch located about two hours outside Dallas that gives anyone the opportunity to own and know their food.

Local Acupuncturist Trains with the Renowned Dr. Shin

Dr. Carlos Chapa, LAc, PhD, is a holistic physician and owner of Valley Ranch Acupuncture and Integrative Medical Center, and was recently invited by a renowned doctor of Eastern medicine for training.

Dallas-based Breeze Energy cofounder found his calling blowing in the wind

Breeze Energy co-founder Walter Hornaday makes a living selling wind power to customers across Texas, but he got his start in the industry on the production side more than 20 years ago.

Reducing Travel Stress on Your Journey

Sometimes the fun of travel creates unnecessary stress on the body, mind and emotional state. Here are a few tips to de-stress and relax this busy travel season.

Houses of Worship Practice What They Preach

Churches and congregations all over North Texas are committing to being good environmental stewards, as their religious principles encourage; here are a few in the Dallas community that are leading the way .

A World Made New, Just For You

For North Texas Earth and sustainability stewards, it’s never looked better; the choices, availability and quality of environmentally conscious and sustainably sourced and recycled gifts have never been more robust.

Warman Helps Others to Find Their Path

Vijay Warman, the owner of Mystic Mandala, in Plano, says his journey to becoming a local spiritual guru began in his childhood in Dehli, India, growing up in a home with no television and only his father’s books on metaphysics to read.

The Healing Power of Sound Vibration

Sound is energy vibrations that can have a dramatic effect on the world around us; we can direct the power of sound to positively affect our bodies, minds, and emotions by focusing it through energy points on the body.

Georgetown, Texas Goes with 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Georgetown, Texas, has become a model for other cities that hope to become totally powered by clean renewable energy, providing competitive electric rates and a variety of health benefits for Georgetown citizens.

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