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Letter from Publisher

After the global celebration of Earth Day, I’m struck anew by the lack of official acknowledgement or even general discussion about the inextricable relationship between the state of Earth’s environment and our own health.

April 2015 Publisher Letter

Our health is inextricably tied to the natural order of things, and that nature’s own health in turn depends on our reverent stewardship. This is how God created it to be.

March 2015 Publisher Letter

We’re pleased to be collaborating with the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and North Texas communities to present our first annual Healthy Living Healthy Planet Resource Guide this month.

Enlightened Relationships

January 2015 Publisher Letter

Awakening Humanity

Awakening Humanity gives us cause to pause for the privilege of refocusing on the reason for the season

Thank You

The Pilgrims at Plymouth Plantation knew how important it is to give thanks for abundance in their lives.

Sustainable Communities

I’m beyond excited by this month’s focus on Sustainable Communities. One of my 2015 goals is to up the ante around this theme to support Natural Awakenings’ coast-to-coast goal of forwarding healthy living on a healthy planet, starting in our almost 100 markets.

Conscious Caregiving

In thinking about this month’s issue, it dawned on me that our theme of Conscious Caregiving ideally describes a universal state of being that transcends the world’s dailyness.

The Joy of Learning

Working with this Transformative Education issue has me considering some thought-provoking ideas, such as how this time of the year brings on commencement of the traditional school year for most educational institutions, making it kind of a second “new year”.

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