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September 2013 Publisher Letter

At the end of a long, hot summer that has discouraged movement, September presents an ideal opportunity to start up our engines anew.

August 2013 Publisher Letter

Do you believe in the body’s biological ability to heal itself, or is some other power involved?

July 2013 Publisher Letter

Oh, how I love summer! I’m convinced it’s because it vividly takes me back to the best carefree, fun-filled days of youth.

June 2013 Publisher Letter

I believe that each of us finds reason to green our journey primarily based on one of two launching points: we are focused on supporting our own and others’ health and quality of life, perhaps desiring to fully recover from chronic illness, or we are concerned about carefully stewarding an environment able to support diverse life on the planet.

May 2013 Publisher Letter

We are treasured mothers, daughters, lovers, sisters, aunts, nieces and best friends, plus so much more. It’s impossible to imagine what our world would be like without the special women in our lives.

We must each ask ourself: “Am I willing to change my ways today to help to ensure a livable, sustainable home for all of my grandchildren’s tomorrows?”

March 2013 Publisher Letter

It is our publishing team’s fondest desire that after reading this issue, you will feel encouraged and moved to actively make more healthy choices concerning all that goes into your mind, body and environment… thus truly experiencing that green living is healthy and healthy living is green.

February 2013 Publisher Letter

I intend to be a better steward of my interactions with loved ones, those less easy to love, plants and animals, the land we live on, the air we breathe and Earth’s life-giving waters. I hope and trust that you will join me.

December 2012 Publisher Letter

January 2013 Publisher Letter

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