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The Facts About Dog Flu

Now that flu season is upon us, it’s a good time to discuss dog flu. While people flu is pretty common, the good news is that dog flu is actually quite rare.

Holistic Vet Recommends Organic Pet Food

Functional Medicine Respects Pet’s God-Given Lives

The natural approach to pet care involves preventing, or at least reducing, disease.

Pets Rest and Play in Comfort and Health at these DFW Boarding Facilities

Though pets are members of our family, they cannot always accompany us on our travels. It’s important to find just right “hotel” for them so they are not unduly stressed by our absence and we can have peace of mind about their custodial care.

How to Handle Pet Cleaning Chores Naturally

Here are a few cleaning tips for families with pets that will help maintain a clean house while keeping it safe and gentle for our dear friends.

Innovative Treatments at The Animal Doctor

Dr. Nancy Bozeman, The Animal Doctor, provides its furry clients with alternative treatments that include acupuncture, homeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine, veterinary orthopedic manipulation, nutritional adjustments and low-level laser therapy.

Top Notch Health Lectures and Exhibits

The popular Natural HealthFest, sponsored by the Healthy by Nature Show at the Plano Centre for six years is inaugurating its Fall HealthFest.

Are GMOs Safe for Pets?

Dr. Nancy Bozeman, a doctor of veterinary medicine, weighs in on her thoughts when it comes to GMOs and feeding our pets.

Savings for Homeowners, Freedom for Pets

The days of waking in the middle of the night or rushing home during your lunch break to let your pet out have officially come to an end, because Lone Star Dog Doors offers a solution that's both convenient and energy efficient.

Canine Cognitive Disfunction

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