New Years Resolutions from Dallas-Fort Worth Green Community Members

Around New Year’s, many of us resolve to make positive changes in our lives. We wondered what eco-friendly habits members of the local green community were vowing to adopt in the upcoming year. Here’s a few of DFW's green New Year’s resolutions for 2012:

Bernice Butler, publisher of Natural Awakenings, Dallas edition

“My 2012 green resolution is to ride the light rail more/whenever I can. Prior to moving back to DFW, and when I travel to other cities, it’s almost a necessity to use the local rapid transit system. I have grown to like it, as it gives me more time -- to read, socialize, talk on the phone, check emails and texts, etc, and I arrive at my destination much less hassled/stressed, and it’s less expensive in that I don’t have to pay outrageous downtown parking prices -- and I haven’t even gotten to the environmental benefits yet.”

[Photo: DART rail.]

Anna Clark, author of Green American Style and president of EarthPeople, Dallas

“I want to buy a water machine to make my own fizzy water (to replace Perrier and San Pelligrino) such as with this device: I actually made this resolution last year, but this year I intend to follow through with it. I also want to learn more vegetarian recipes.”

[Photo: SodaStream sparkling water and soda maker.]

Kim Cobb, Sustainability Committee co-chair, SMU

“My resolution this year is to install a rain barrel at one of my home downspouts to capture runoff for watering plants. After the drought last summer, I think we can all see how that small effort can pay off.”

[Photo: Rain barrels. Photo by Karl Thibodeaux.]

Adelaide Leavens, director of Streams and Valleys, Fort Worth

“We’re planning on replacing our 60-year-old single pane windows in our house with double paned ones. It’s not cheap, so maybe I can get two years worth of green credit for that!”

[Photo: Window. Courtesy of stock.xchng at]

Gail Lockwood, owner of Urban Organics Hair Salon, Fort Worth

“I am going to set up separate trash containers at the salon so I can do a better job of recycling the empty plastic containers for my styling products and hair care products.”

[Photo: Plastic bottles. Courtesy of stock.xchng.]

Joan Meeks, founding partner of E-Waste Disposal, Irving

“My goal is to find ideas for creating art or new products from manufacturing scraps such as leather, light bulb glass and 55-pound paper flour bags.”

[Photo:Light bulb.cCourtesy of stock.xchng.]

Jon Reinke, chairperson for Tarrant County Greenweavers, Keller

“[As far as being green goes,] I think that I will resolve to be a better coach and less of a preacher.”

[Photo: : Whistle. Courtesy of stock.xchng.]

Heather Rinaldi, owner Texas Worm Ranch, Dallas

My green resolution is to educate and empower Metroplex citizens to transform at least one in 10 yards to sustainable and organic ecosystems (compost, become water-wise, grow your own and go organic!). What a beautiful world it would be.

[Photo: Worm bin. Courtesy of Texas Worm Ranch.]

Elizabeth Samudio, owner of Elizabeth Anna’s Old World Garden, Fort Worth

“I can ride my bike more, better yet, something that is so simple -- and that is to slow down when I’m driving. Not only am I reducing my carbon foot print, I can save money by taking the lead out of my foot.”

[Photo: Green bike. Courtesy of stock.xchng.]

Sy Sohmer, director of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, Fort Worth

“I plan to enlarge my vegetable garden at home and try to grow a bit more of my own veggies.”

[Photo: Vegetable garden. Courtesy of Texas Worm Ranch.]

Kim Young, president of Net Impact DFW

"Continue to work with others to weave a strong culture of sustainability throughout DFW and help facilitate understanding about the role each person and every sector can play and the exciting possibilities and potential of such partnerships and resulting innovation."


Source:  Green Source DFW / Julie Thibodeaux

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