DripZoneiV at Rockwall Complete Healing and Wellness Spa

Although the administration of intravenous (IV) fluid is generally associated with hospital settings to treat conditions such as dehydration, in recent years, IV therapy—full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids—has become available at independent clinics and wellness centers. Rockwall Complete Healing and Wellness Spa (RCW) opened their doors to DripZoneiV as a sister company in May 2017 to offer IV therapy is tailored to support a body’s individual needs.

Kim Renfro, a registered nurse at RCW, believes DripZoneiV therapy is a way for people to get vital nutrients they may be lacking. These solutions, referred to as IV cocktails, are directly infused in the body’s cells and absorbed 100 percent, thus helping clients feel restored, revitalized and refreshed.

Renfro says people seek IV therapy for a variety of reasons, including dehydration, hangovers, athletic performance, energy, anti-aging or weight loss. Clients can choose from a menu of IVs, starting with the basic Myers Cocktail. The IV solutions can be customized to address specific individual needs.

For added benefits, vitamin B shots and antioxidant “chasers” can be combined with the IV therapy. When customers receive DripZoneiV therapy at Rockwall, they begin by completing a short intake form and consent forms. Blood pressure is checked, and then the client relaxes in a recliner while the IV is started. They can read a book or listen to headphones during the IV drip. The process takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour from start to finish.

Rockwall Complete Healing and Wellness Spa, is located at 2455 Ridge Rd., Ste. 151, in Rockwell. For more information, call 972-771-8900 or visit DripZoneIV.com.


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