Letter from Publisher

Bernice Butler

Stewarding Our Days

In thinking about Father’s Day, the term “Father Time” came to mind and refuses to go away, so I did a bit of research. Aside from the standard image of an old, white-bearded man with wings, scythe and hourglass, signifying the accepted one-way movement of time, I found a definition I like better in the Urban Dictionary. It says, “Father Time is married to Mother Earth.” For me, it closes the loop of God’s grand plan for man. Just as He created humankind to inhabit His freshly created Mother Earth, with every resource needed to support our being, He also created time, a measurable period during which an activity takes place. This frame of reference enables us to chart progress in manifesting the Creator’s work while we’re here.

Our role is to responsibly steward the health and well-being of ourselves and others as well as our environment. Passing time lets us know when we are not doing this correctly or well. It shows up in illness, disease, environmental pollution and degradation and dwindling resources plus all kinds of relationship discords. Yet time lies lightly on those who use it well.

This month, I am reminded and inspired to reinvigorate my appreciation for Father Time, as I so often do for Mother Earth. I am committed to making better use of my time. For me, rising early and getting to sleep early helps me work more efficiently, which in turn opens up nurturing opportunities for family time and play. I vow to remember that each day is a gift that is non- recoverable and non-refundable; it’s not one I can set on a shelf and keep.

In this month’s Inspiration department article, “On Fatherhood, The Lifelong Lessons of Being a Dad,” author Ben Greenman highlights tidbits of wisdom that we can likewise apply to our relationship with Father Time. We hope you’ll be blessed by fresh perspective that enriches large and small moments.

Kathleen Barnes’ feature article, “Break Free of Chronic Pain: Natural Ways to Feel Much Better,” is a helpful companion piece to our local roundup of local practitioners that share some of their best recommended natural practices for effective pain relief. Such gentler, non-addictive measures get my vote.

As always, please let us know how we’re doing in our quest to bring you useful information that helps and encourages you to live your best life while caring for our planet. Please email us anytime at Publisher@NADallas.com with your thoughts.

To good stewardship,

Bernice Butler, Publisher


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