Honoring Green and Healthy Living

Bernice Bulter

We are pleased to bring you in this issue our fourth an­nual Healthy Living Resource Directory, proud that the Dallas Metroplex and North Texas communities we serve have become a thriving marketplace for environmen­tally conscious natural products and complementary, integrative, holistic therapies. During the last eight years, Natural Awaken­ings has been part this growth, creating a reliable place where seekers, providers and inquirers can meet to secure what they need for optimum well-being.

I’m reminded daily of our privileged part in this endeavor when I receive calls asking for information about particular products and services or requests for appointments with people included in our adver­tising and editorial. When they searched online, often the contact information or web­site provided was ours. It’s humbling, because like all of you, I am a work-in-progress traveling this path with you toward ever-healthier and greener living.

Through the God-given privilege of publishing this magazine, I am blessed daily to become more acquainted with smart, committed businesspeople and healing practitioners devoted to practicing and growing their specialties. All of us are learning every day and contributing more to make our area a healthier, more naturally inclined and greener place in which to thrive, raise families and enjoy balanced lives. I love the confirmation we receive from calls by other media outlets seeking information on the people in our magazine!

According to Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability data, up to 30 percent of the U.S. population now identifies the desire for health, sustainability and social justice as major elements forming their worldview and how they choose to live. The research shows that these values, rather than being fringe oddities and marginalized, are becoming broad-based and entrenched across a wide cross-section of our country, driving changes in consumer markets, politics and society.

Witnessing this seismic cultural shift tells us that our parent company’s 23-year na­tionwide mission is succeeding. We are seeing it right here in the Metroplex, starting with the presence of four Trader Joe’s stores and 14 Whole Food Market locations. Plus, our area annually hosts the largest Earth Day Expo in the world at EARTHx, in Fair Park.

We hope you will enjoy our latest monthly offerings of timeless Health Briefs and Global Briefs, which include an inspiring Eco-Tip, as well as calendars of regional events assembled especially for our readers. We encourage you to keep this free Healthy Living Resource Directory handy for year-round reference; you’ll also find an A-Z index to direc­tory listings on page 15 of like-minded businesses and practitioners. We pray that you will patronize the folks found within, because they make this whole community enterprise possible.





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