Thermography Center of Dallas Finds Root Causes of Disease

Dr. Einsohn and Thermography Center staff

Patients all over the world are turning to thermography for a non-invasive, painless approach to discover the health of their breasts, the deeper functions of their organs that influence hormone balance and the varying underlying causes of weight issues. Dr. Michael Einsohn, who opened The Thermography Center of Dallas in 2001 as the first in the country to offer full-body scans, says they have performed more than 20,000 thermograms and trained in excess of 100 health care providers.

“A thermogram is the most definitive adjunctive diagnostic exam that a patient can find,” says Einsohn. “It is extremely valuable as a baseline assessment for health, to track changes over time, and to see how the organs of the body are functionally performing.” Thermography is approved as an adjunctive diagnostic technique, so it can be used along with blood work, office exams and other investigative tools to assess a patient’s overall wellness. A typical procedure lasts 30 minutes, and in some cases, is covered by insurance. “Patients leave with a roadmap of where to go to achieve better overall health and wellness,” says Einsohn.

Thermography works by taking a precise measurement of temperatures reflected on the skin by the internal organs and systems. “This often shows the missing keys to revealing the underlying causes contributing to dysfunction and symptoms of the patient,” says the doctor. “It’s completely non-invasive, with technicians using a handheld wand to scan the body in a temperature-controlled room. Within minutes, a computer-generated graph and report provides information about how everything is functioning.

“By looking at how the whole body is working as a system, thermography is a uniquely holistic approach to adjunctive medical diagnostics,” explains Einsohn. “It views the body in a functional sense, instead of a structural sense, like mammograms or other scans, and identifies areas of inflammation or blockage that helps identify the root cause of problems. It’s a preventative technique, because it’s possible to see how the body is functioning before symptoms appear” The clinic sees patients referred by M.D.s, DOs and DCs, acupuncturists, nutritionists and other holistic healthcare practitioners. It is also used as a yearly exam in wellness programs to establish a baseline of health and track changes over time.

By measuring hormonal imbalances, the immune system and the lymphatic system, thermography has been particularly beneficial in managing breast health. “Thermography scans can detect changes in breast tissue seven to ten years before they show up on a physical exam; this is key for preventative medicine and health practices,” says Einsohn.

The Thermography Center of Dallas runs analyses of breasts, ovaries, uterus, heart, lungs, gall bladder, colon, prostate, lymphatic system, teeth, liver and virtually every other organ. The scan also tests for general immune function, exposure to environmental toxins, viral, yeast and bacterial infections and heavy metal toxicity. “It can see clinical infections which have obvious symptoms such as a fever, as well as subclinical infections that may not produce any classical symptoms, but are interfering in the metabolic function of organs and causing the chief complaints of the patient.

The Thermography Center of Dallas is located at 5220 Spring Valley Rd., Ste. 405, in Dallas. For appointments, call 214-352-8758 or email, For more information, visit


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