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6 Ways to Green Your Company Profitably

Sep 28, 2011 06:01PM ● By DFW Green Business Guru -Tajana Mesic, principal, The Green Grove Group

Going green with your business can be done with minimal investment and without much risk. Steady progress is important, so taking small steps on the sustainability journey is what counts. It starts with engaging a small group of sustainability champions within your company and progress to full integration of sustainability into all facets of your operations. Reduce, reuse, recycle can become a way to do things more sensibly and profitably on a small budget.

People: Leadership starts at the top, but organize green teams sustainability. You too can start simple and allow the people in your office that are really interested in sustainability to jump start your company’s Green Team.

Energy: Entrust recycling and lighting issues to your Green Team. Many building owners and property management companies have a strong commitment to green practices, including recycling initiatives and procurement of wind or solar generated electricity, which can translate into savings to the tenants. Recycle as many types of materials as possible.

Hot and Cold: Adjust your thermostats properly, as a one-degree change can save 10 percent on your heating or cooling bill while cutting down on energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Green Vending: Revisit your purchasing policy, showing consideration for the source of the materials or products you purchase. Purchase only green cleaning products.

Transportation: If your company is looking to encourage employees to commute more, you can encourage carpooling by offering them ridematch services through DART. Encourage vanpooling, mass transit, bicycling to work or telecommuting and flexible scheduling.

Keep Good Company: Join an industry-respected association, such as the International Society for Sustainability Professionals (ISSP). Members share resources and best practices, and develop themselves professionally. Classes are led by leading industry practitioners and special reports, salary surveys and competency studies are offered to members.

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