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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Healthy Living Healthy Planet Radio

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Founded 2019

The conversation starts here, but our goal is for it to continue in your home, in your social circles, and your workplaces, so that we can all work together to realize that healthy living is simply not possible, without a healthy planet!

Healthy Living Healthy Planet Radio, with weekly broadcasts on iHeart talk radio 1190AM at 3 p.m. Saturdays, is about more than just the environment. It’s more than just healthy living. Host Bernice Butler and featured guests examine topics that relate to the relationship between humans and our planet. Each one-hour program goes beyond the headlines to explore how myriad environmental issues we face today—climate change, plastic pollution, renewable energy, water, food justice and more—affect the health and wellbeing of each and every one of us.

Through relevant and engaging dialogue, Butler and weekly experts educate, inform and sensitize listeners while offering energizing insights and positive solutions. Healthy Living Healthy Planet Radio is independent of special interests. Their interest is in helping to objectively frame environmental and health issues in a way that ordinary people see the need to help.

Healthy Living Healthy Planet Radio helps readers explore themes like climate change, plastics contamination, heatwaves and other extreme weather events and many others, as well as meeting everyday impacts like allergies and asthma, indigestion and gut health , cancer, lung and heart issues and more. Butler says, “The conversation starts here, but our goal is for it to continue in your home, in our social circles, our workplaces and at the water cooler.”

For nearly a decade, Butler has been the publisher of Natural Awakenings - Dallas Metroplex Edition, the premiere green living and natural health publication in north Texas. Her commitment to sustainability and social justice runs deep; she was a senior fellow with a public policy think tank, leading regional and national policy initiatives to rebuild cities with environmentally friendly virtues while staying socially equitable and economically profitable. She led a groundbreaking initiative to get philanthropic foundations to invest in blind-pool real estate investment trusts for inner city neighborhoods and emerging redevelopment projects.

Butler was a regular guest on Shootin’ the Breeze, a show dedicated to renewable energy and related topics, that ran on KLIF-570. As a long-time supporter of green, environmental and sustainable causes, she continues her green quest through the Healthy Living Healthy Planet show.

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