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Power of This Attorney Gives Peace of Mind

Jun 01, 2012 01:07PM ● By Katie Richardson Pruett

Attorney James “JR” Potts

Anyone might have to deal with the anxiety of facing legal issues at any time. Whether we’re appointed as power of attorney to handle a loved one’s finances or a small business contending with an unsatisfied customer, being involved in a legal situation can be stressful. Fortunately, legal guidance is available that will not additionally compromise an individual’s sense of well-being.

Attorney James “JR” Potts, of the Potts Law Firm, in Arlington, handles legal services from land probates to ensuring that human resource policies for small businesses are updated. He says that his most valuable service is promoting his clients’ peace of mind, knowing that he’s protecting their rights and serving as a full-on support system.

When an individual has just lost a loved one, by holding the power of attorney, they are responsible for making private, legal and business-related decisions on behalf of the deceased person. “The last thing they need is to run into unnecessary issues while they’re grieving. It is my job to ensure that they are fully equipped,” says Potts.

“I’ve had clients be told by banks that the power of attorney has expired because it was put in place 10 years ago. I then give the president of the bank a call and inform them that power of attorney does not expire in the state of Texas, and my client is legally responsible for making their arrangements.” In Texas, the power of attorney only expires if it is revoked or if the person dies.

The way he cares about his clients’ disposition and readiness, some consider Potts a wellness attorney, because he works to educate and prepare them for unexpected circumstances. He states, “I want my clients to have peace of mind, knowing that they have a support system in me.”

The Potts Law Firm is located at 2705 S. Cooper St., Arlington, TX. Contact them at 817-275-5500 or‎