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Moving Heaven and Earth: Dr. Stephanie Golder and Mindy Fritz, Dallas Brain Changers

Jul 06, 2012 11:55AM ● By Katie Richardson-Pruett

At Dallas Brain Changers, clients experience the benefits a major scientific breakthrough that has helped change many lives. At the same time, the technology is tempered by the Christian viewpoint of a dedicated group of women passionate about helping clients improve their spiritual, emotional and physical health.

Treating people suffering from disorders such as depression, anxiety, migraines and ADHD using neurofeedback accompanied by Christian counseling, owners Dr. Stephanie Golder and Neurotherapist Mindy Fritz are committed to a unique form of health and healing through their practice.

After Fritz, who was a therapist for 20 years and a neurotherapist for five, lost her husband in 1997 to a brain tumor, she became very interested in brain function and disease, leading her to the study and practice of neurotherapy. Fritz has since successfully treated hundreds of children and adults suffering from physical and psychological symptoms.

Dr. Stephanie Golder
Dr. Stephanie Golder

After 20 years in education, Golder completed her doctorate in Christian counseling and met Fritz, who admits that she always believed the missing component in neurofeedback technique was the integration of counseling throughout the treatment. “When we shared our hearts and passion for helping others with one another, we realized that bringing our skills and talents together had the potential to make an astounding impact in people’s lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually,” Golder says.

Golder’s youngest daughter suffered from seizures, chronic nerve pain, severe migraines and a brain injury caused by a medication years earlier. After completing treatment at Dallas Brain Changers, her mother says she is not only medication-free, but also healthier and more active than ever before.

Both Golder and Fritz enjoy the rewards of being a part of their patients’ recovery. “Seeing our clients strive for and achieve goals toward increased health in

Mindy Fritz
Mindy Fritz
body, mind and spirit is all the reward we need. When our clients finally break through the barriers that have been holding them back, we celebrate with them,” says Golder.

Dallas Brain Changers provides their clients with specific treatments, manageable goals and education to help them adapt to healthier lifestyles. They work closely with clients to address the physiological reasons for their symptoms through neurofeedback, while addressing unhealthy thoughts and behaviors through Christian counseling. “Watching as our clients learn new and healthier ways of interacting in family, work, school and social settings is an incredible joy,” says Fritz.

Visit for more information about chronic disorders such as migraines or psychological disorders, and the effectiveness of neurofeedback to treat symptoms.

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