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A Family of Chiropractors

Oct 03, 2012 12:35PM ● By Katie Pruett

The Heikkinen Family has been providing chiropractic care and utilizing natural approaches to treat their clients for nearly 30 years. A practice consisting of mother, father and daughter, each of the Heikkinens specializes in different methods of natural care, including acupuncture, diet and nutrition, pediatric and pregnancy care and sports care.

Both Dr. Paul and Dr. Marsha Heikkinen began their journey into natural healing through chiropractic care in the 1980s, while studying at Parker College, now Parker University. Upon completing their education, they worked with other doctors in different offices before opening their own practice. However, their path in this profession took a different turn after Marsha gave birth to their daughter Andrea. A year after her birth, Andrea began to experience seizures, which spurred doctors to consider treating her for epilepsy.

Instead, the Heikkinens searched for other forms of treatment in order to avoid medication. They began working with a doctor of osteopathic medicine, who, taking a natural approach to their daughter’s care, was able to provide treatment for her condition. Based on this personal experience, they both became interested in pursuing other forms of whole-body healing. Marsha developed a strong passion for pediatric and pregnancy care, and felt it necessary to further her studies and complete her diploma in chiropractic pediatrics, while Paul completed his certification in advanced acupuncture techniques.

Dr. Andrea Heikkinen is now the newest member of Heikkinen Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center. She credits her parents for sharing their love for helping people regain their health and for taking a different route to treat her birth condition. Andrea decided at the age of 14 that she wanted to follow in their footsteps, educating and helping people through chiropractic care. “Once you really understand what chiropractic care does for people, you want to be a part of that,” she says.

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Katie Pruett is a contributing writer to Natural Awakenings Dallas.

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