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Kroger Joins Natural Food Movement with More Organic Products

Jan 31, 2013 12:19AM

Kroger supermarkets, with more than 75 locations in North Texas, have introduced the Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic brands to offer health and wellness seekers another outlet to purchase healthy, natural and organic foods at more affordable prices.

These 250 preservative-free or certified organic products are clearly marked with a green circular logo to make them is easy to find on store shelves and all products have straightforward, easy-to-understand ingredient statements, so that people can know exactly what they are eating, thus helping them to make healthier choices.

The Simple Truth Organic line has the highest USDA organic accreditation. Spanning more than 30 product categories, the Simple Truth line includes a wide variety of foods such as milk, salads, dried fruit, nuts, sodas, yogurt, chips and quinoa. In addition, the Simple Truth brand offers several natural products, including meat, chicken and eggs.

For more information, including neighborhood store availability and product assortment, visit


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