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Purity of Essential Oil Matters

There are several grades of essential oils on the market today. The first category is synthetic grade oils, which are used in candles, soaps and air fresheners. Then there are food grade oils which are used for flavoring. Candy is a good example. The third option is therapeutic grade, which can be found in health food stores everywhere. While therapeutic grade oils can be effective, they can’t be ingested, leaving us to question why placing them on the skin is a good thing. With our skin being our body’s largest organ, what we put on us we put in us, so purity matters.

Sometimes people that try therapeutic grade essential oils may experience a reaction to the topical use of these oils, which may be due to the fillers, chemicals, pesticides and other contaminants in these oils. This is why there is a “Do Not Ingest” or “Not For Internal Use” label on the bottles found in health food stores.

Another category or grade of essential oils is relatively new to the essential oil market: certified pure therapeutic grade(CPTG) oils, which are are third-party tested and guaranteed to be pure, natural and aromatic compounds that have been carefully extracted from plants. They do not contain fillers or artificial ingredients that dilute their active qualities. Proper extraction and quality control methods are used to ensure they are free of any contaminants such as pesticides, solvents or other chemical residues. CPTG oils are pure enough to be taken internally, which has been scientifically proven to effectively aid the body in combating most all infections, including viruses and even MRSA. There are a few exceptions to the internal use of CPTG oils, depending on the chemistry components of certain plants.

Choosing pure essential oils as a self-care alternative has been proven to be a safer, more effective and more affordable approach for aiding the body in optimal health.

For more information, call Contact Kelley Walker, an essential oil educator, at [email protected].

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