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Farm to Fork Supplies Real Food for Real People

Feb 04, 2015 07:20PM

Micah and Krista Grant and family

Because Farm To Fork Foods, in Arlington, orders in large quantities and works directly with the farmers, ranchers and suppliers, they are able to maintain low overhead expenses and offer high-quality products at competitive prices to area consumers. Owners Micah and Krista Grant began searching for natural grass-fed and pastured meats to feed their family in 2012 and realized how hard they were to find in the area. They began reaching out to farmers and local suppliers and learned that they would need to order large quantities from farmers to make it worth their while.

They rallied friends and family to place their first order, and the word spread. By 2013 they had formed a co-op that operated out of their garage. Soon afterward, they set up seven delivery locations throughout the DFW area, with 500 families subscribing to receive email notifications. In July 2014 they opened the Farm to Fork Foods retail store and added a variety of other natural products that include, local honey, gluten-free baking mixes, sea salt, coconut nut butter, fresh salsa, farm fresh eggs and low-pasteurized/non-homogenized milk. Meat selections include grass-fed beef and bison, and pastured chicken, lamb and pork. For seafood, there’s wild-caught Alaskan halibut, cod and sockeye salmon. Store business hours have expanded to six days a week.

Micah States, “In an day and age where eating for your health is so much more than going to the grocery store and purchasing food from every food group to create a balanced meal, it’s essential to know where and how your food is being produced and to eat whole foods with real ingredients that you can pronounce. As well as supporting local suppliers whose products are less likely to be contaminated through transportation, Farm to Fork has created great personal relationships with all of our farmers and suppliers by asking lots of questions in the beginning. We only sell meat from animals that have been raised in a natural sustainable environment, where they have been fed food that they were made to digest, free of GMOs. All of our products are made with real ingredients, free of unnecessary additives. This is to ensure optimal nutrition and flavor in every product, giving you confidence in buying from Farm to Fork.”

Location: 2001 W. Mayfield Rd., Arlington. For more information call 682-549-9369 or visit 

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