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Kotsanis Institute Offering Stem Cell Therapy

May 04, 2015 08:21AM ● By Julie Thibodeaux

The Kotsanis Institute, in Grapevine, offers a variety of alternative therapies, including oxidative therapy, thermography and regenerative therapy. Starting in mid-June after receiving certification, owner Constantine Kotsanis, M.D., will be adding stem cell therapy to his treatment options. The therapy utilizes the power of young cells to invigorate ailing systems.

Back in the late 1980s, Kotsanis faced an illness that hadn’t responded to traditional medical protocols. However, the native of Greece had grown up in a family that included surgeons on his father’s side and herbalists on his mother’s side. As a result, the board-certified otolaryngologist (head and neck surgeon) was open to the idea of alternative medicine. Willing to experiment, he headed to Mexico, where he received stem cell treatment. When the treatments worked, he came home with a new confidence in alternative medicine. “It opened up a Pandora’s Box to see what else is out there,” said Kotsanis, who has practiced medicine in DFW for more than 30 years.

“Stem cell therapy is a clever way to rejuvenate your body,” says Kotsanis. Stem cell therapy involves extracting stem cells from a person’s body and injecting them into damaged areas. Kotsanis notes that this is not the controversial practice of embryonic stem cell therapy, which involves removing stem cells from a fetus. “We don’t practice or promote embryonic stem cell therapy,” he says.

Kotsanis adds that the autologous cells from a person’s own body have several benefits that the embryonic cells don't have. Primarily, they are more readily accepted by the body. The therapy is often used for degenerative joint problems, trauma and autoimmune disease, but the doctor says their potential has yet to be fully explored. “It can potentially treat every disease in every part of your body,” he advises.

Kotsanis believes that stem cell treatment will prove to be a breakthrough therapy, but that the first step in treating any disease is getting the body in shape, making sure his clients are eating well and exercising. Detoxing is also key. “It’s just like remodeling a house. First, you have to take out the old stuff,” he says. “You have to clean up the body so the stem cells will take.”

While many might blame their genetics for their chronic conditions, Kotsanis says it’s the contaminants that have crept into our environment since the Industrial Revolution 150 years ago that are to blame for many of today’s diseases, saying, “If I had find a magic bullet to cure most of today’s diseases, it would be a time machine to send people back 300 years.” He also prescribes myriad emotional wellness habits such as deep breathing, meditation and reducing stress. “Stem cells are wonderful in the right hands, but it’s the last thing you do,” he says. “It’s the cherry on top of the cake, but you have to have the cake first.”

Dr. Kotsanis

The Kotsanis Institute is located at 2260 Pool Rd., in Grapevine. For more information, call 817-481-6342 or visit


Julie Thibodeaux is a contributing writer to Natural Awakenings Dallas.

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