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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Health Care Assurance That’s Steady as a Rock

Jul 02, 2015 07:25PM

Dr. Shawn Miller

Dr. Shawn Miller has been the medical director of 13 PrimaCare Medical Centers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for about eight months. He has been working in the emergency medicine and urgent care field for 15 years and owned an urgent care clinic in Colleyville from 2008 to 2013. Since 1978, PrimaCare has ensured that it’s providers are complying with the company’s mission of care, excellence, integrity and results. Each of our medical care professionals strives to treat each patient with respect and compassion and carries “a consistently high standard of care that patients have come to trust,” says Miller.

“I serve as a liaison between the physicians and mid-level providers and help with any issues involving patient care or communication with administration,” explains Miller. “It has been a difficult transition because it has taken me away from the direct patient care that I’ve been doing for 18 years.” Nonetheless, Miller says he and some other employees have worked in emergency medicine in the Dallas Metroplex for more than 25 years because they love what they do – “providing a  consistently high standard of care that patients have come to trust”.   With a sincere interest in helping every patient that walks through the door, Miller feels that they stand out from other centers because of PrimaCare’s longevity in the Dallas-Fort Worth market.  Miller too, has longevity in the Texas market; he was born and raised in Texas and after earning his bachelors in biology from Texas A&M,   he attended medical school at Texas Tech  

PrimaCare works with most major insurance providers and has a loyalty program to care for those without health insurance. “We don’t want to restrict anyone. We like to provide affordable medical care to all,” says Miller. They also respect patient’s time. “The convenience factor certainly contributes to our popularity,” notes Miller. “People don’t have time to take off half a day of work and wait for several hours before being seen. We provide an online registration called WAHOO that enables you to put your name on the list, kind of like a reservation at a restaurant that is busy on a Saturday night. We have them wait at home or the office instead, and they show up when they can be seen.”

Miller believes that PrimaCare is successful and growing because they provide a service people need and appreciate, and because it is a long-term, trusted name in the Metroplex. It’s not uncommon to see third-generation patients coming in because of their timeliness, quality and affordability.

For more information call 888-286-4603 or visit for all locations.

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