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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Time in Nature Can Reduce Anxiety

by Beau Propes

With all that is going on, we may feel stressed and out of control, working at home or at home with no work. Researchers are now finding that our physical and mental health is impacted by nature, including many bioactive substances that trees and plants  release. Even soil may contain microbes that have a natural anti-depressant. That’s just one more reasons to get outside the house.

It is springtime, so there is a lot to be done in our landscape that can relieve stress, such as some pruning dead wood, shaping bushes and removing weeds from bedding areas. Once the beds are clean, it’s a good time for fresh mulch. Don’t forget a good organic fertilizer for lawn and plants. A rich compost top dressed on the lawn or beds will get the landscape and all the helpful critters like earthworms (free labor) off to a good start. This may be a good time to plan to switch over to native plants or even edible varieties.

Beau Propes is the owner of EarthKind Services. For more information, call 469-744-0281 or visit