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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Cereset Plano: Restoring the Brain’s Natural Rhythm

by Sheila Julson

As a stay-at-home mom, Sonya Howeth had intensely researched holistic and alternative methods to help her family with different health issues. It wasn’t long before friends and acquaintances began asking her for natural health advice. While researching information about drug addiction to help a friend, she came across Cereset (then known as Brain State Technologies), a non-invasive technology that allows the brain to use its own brainwaves to reset itself. But before she recommended it to a friend, she decided to try it on herself first.

“I went to Cereset’s headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, and after I had experienced it, the results were life-changing,” Howeth enthuses. “I had a lifetime of emotional traumas, and I would experience triggers in situational events and react in ways that I didn’t really want to. I also had trouble sleeping. But after several Cereset sessions,  I saw life transforming. I felt a renewed joy for life that I didn’t realize I was missing.”

Impressed by Cereset’s results, Howeth had a desire to bring the technology to the Dallas Metroplex to help others. After speaking with her husband, she became a certified Cereset tech coach and opened a Cereset office in Plano in winter 2019. Cereset uses a patented BrainEcho neuromodulation process that has been refined over 15 years. More than 150,000 clients have experienced this non-invasive wellness process. Legacy Cereset technology and Cereset research has resulted in 14 peer-reviewed publications, 79 abstracts and presentations, nine institutional review board approved clinical trials and more than 700 participants in clinical trials.

Howeth explains that Cereset differs from other neurotechnology in that they don’t diagnose or treat, and they don’t try to prompt an effect to the brain. “We recognize that the brain is the master control of the body and it can end up doing miraculous healings on its own,” she explains. “What we provide is information to the brain that it isn’t able to see for itself. It’s a digital echo, or mirror, for brainwave rhythms.”

Clients start with a five-session package. Each client is taken to a private session room and relaxes in a zero-gravity chair. The Cereset tech coach places proprietary sensors on the client, dims the lighting and provides a blanket. “We want you to be as comfortable as possible, and think about something happy and positive, so the brain recognizes you’re in a relaxed state,” Howeth notes. Brain-initiated sound plays back to the brain, allowing it to relax, rebalance and reset itself.

Sessions last from 60 to 90 minutes, although Howeth allows two hours for an interview and follow-up. Clients start with five sessions, four of which are done on consecutive days during the first week. “During the four sessions, the brain gets a lot of information to decide what to do and it gets to work immediately,” she explains. “We then take a three-week break, which is an integration period, because during those three weeks newly created neuropathways strengthen and new neuropathways continue to build.”

During the fifth session, the Cereset tech coach will graph the progress and monitor changes in the brain and how the client feels. Based on progress, technicians might recommend additional sessions. For long-term brain balance, Cereset suggests doing a periodic tune-up to provide ongoing support and to ensure long-term brain balance and enhancement.

Howeth reiterates that each brain is unique, and stress and trauma is different for each person. Although the ongoing pandemic has heightened stress levels, Howeth says she’s been very busy, even prior to COVID-19. She says the Cereset process can help overcome worry and anxiety, restore hope and happiness, release “stuck” stress, enhance learning and memory, experience restful sleep, and increase energy and performance.

“I think it’s rare that a person couldn’t use a brain reset. Who hasn’t had some stress or trauma in their life?” she advises. “Cereset helps the brain reset and rebalance as a result of stress and trauma, helping people cope better in these odd times.”

Cereset Plano is located at 1033 E. 15th St., in Plano. For more information call 214-892-2273 or visit

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