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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


OsteoStrong Expands into Integrative Wellness Centers

OsteoStrong’s original core technology is its Spectrum system musculoskeletal strengthening device, specifically engineered to address osteoporosis providing a natural method for improving bone density without the need for pharmaceutical intervention. Supplementing its core technology, DFW OsteoStrong locations have expanded into integrative wellness centers offering a diverse range of advanced technologies to improve musculoskeletal strength, reduce inflammation and pain, and boost immune function and improve physical well-being.

A patented osteogenic loading system triggers rapid improvements in strength, muscle tone and definition, balance, posture and athletic performance, while reducing back and joint pain and fall and fracture risk. These osteogenic loading sessions are time-efficient, comfortable and safe for almost any age and level of physical conditioning. Here are some other key components of the system.

VibePlate vibration is used both before and after Spectrum osteogenic loading sessions to maximize the user experience. Before an osteogenic loading session, vibration activates muscular tissue, increases circulation and up-regulates human growth hormone. After a session, vibration facilitates improvements in balance and neurological performance/reaction time.

BioCharger is subtle energy revitalization platform that uses four types of energy (light, voltage, frequencies and harmonics and pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF) to improve mitochondrial and cellular function. Benefits include improved energy, immune function, gut health and mental clarity; as well as reduced inflammation, histamine production and stress/anxiety.

IMRS Omnium 1 emits earth-based PEMF energy, clinically proven to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and pain, and speed recover/healing. Additionally, the brain-wave entrainment component used in conjunction with PEMF sessions effectively reduces anxiety and stress.

JOOVV Red Light delivers red and near-infrared wavelengths directly to the body using medical-grade LEDs. These wavelengths trigger a chemical reaction in the cells’ mitochondria that boosts ATP energy and enhances cell triggering. Benefits of red and near infrared light on the face and neck include improved collagen production and skin tone, reduced inflammation and improved thyroid function.

HydroMassage is a customizable, interactive massage experience that uses warm, pulsing water to relieve muscle soreness, stiffness and tension, improve vascular function, reduce anxiety and stress and stimulate lymph drainage (important for immune function).

Free tours and complimentary sessions are available. Locations: 3730 N. Josey Lane, Ste. 100, Carrollton. 469-301-6050, [email protected]; 12835 Preston Rd., Ste. 227, Dallas. 214-550-2111, [email protected]; 9112 Lebanon Rd., Ste. 100, Frisco. 469-777-4569, [email protected]

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