GridNEXT Conference in Houston

The Texas Renewable Energy Industries Alliance (TREIA) will hold the 30th annual GridNEXT Conference— Advancing Clean Energy on the New Texas Grid—from November 11 to 13 at Westin Galleria, in Houston. Industry experts, thought leaders and utility innovators, the conference will focus on the business, policy and regulatory innovations now on the horizon to build a next-generation electric grid and bring renewable energy to scale in Texas.

“Texas is at the center of an energy revolution, with tremendous potential to lead the nation in clean energy,” states TREIA President Hala Ballouz. “As an alliance, our mission is to accelerate the transition of our state into the clean energy future by convening thought leaders and tapping expertise from across the industry.”

According to the Energy Information Administration, Texas is responsible for 10 percent of U.S. electricity consumption and the largest consumer of electricity. Texas also has the fastest-growing population among the five most populous states. The combination of these factors amounts to 450,000 new consumers, or 6,800 gigawatts, each year.

Nonprofit TREIA is working to promote and advance the clean energy industry in Texas. As an alliance, TREIA stakeholders are involved in solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, biofuel, hydro, energy storage and energy efficiency efforts across Texas. Its members represent diverse private and public sector clean energy concerns working to scale the renewable industry in Texas, grow the economy and create jobs.

Location: 5060 W. Alabama, Houston. For more information and complete schedule, visit

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