Unique Website Helps Individuals Find Answers to Health Challenges

Ronit Mor, founder of My Wellbeing Compass

There are thousands of health-related websites on the Internet, and often people go online to look for answers but instead get mountains of conflicting information that may not be evidence-based or is agenda-driven. This inspired Ronit Mor , a local Naturopathic doctor, to create MyWellbeingCompass.com, a user-friendly website for people struggling with chronic conditions and seeking to transform their health naturally. The website provides practical knowledge, interactive tools and a wealth of resources for users. They can also use MyWellbeingCompass.com to connect directly with natural health providers.

Visitors can take the My Body Score and My Mind Score tests, each of which can be completed in less than 10 minutes, and results are quickly generated into a personalized report that is forwarded to the client, their practitioner, or both. The My Body Score report sheds light on the potential physiological root causes of the visitor’s current discomforts and provide practical tips and resources to help resolve and remove interferences on their healing journey.

The My Mind Score report sheds light on limiting mental and emotional patterns that may be influencing the visitor’s well-being. “It is truly a one-of-a-kind website with its interactive well-being compass that includes proprietary tools for identifying potential root causes, personalized reports and a network of top-notch health professionals, all ready to guide people back to optimal wellness,” Mor says.

Upon visiting the site, visitors can use a virtual compass to learn more about the different facets of their health—physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual. As they interact with the compass, they dive deeper into the different layers that potentially affect their health and vitality. “The compass is visual, interactive and very intuitive, and it helps people make sense of their predicament” Mor says. “People gain deeper insights of the multi dimensional nature of their health.”

As a wellness professional, Mor notes that improving a chronic condition is a journey that often requires guidance. “It doesn’t happen overnight. It took us many years to take our bodies off balance, and it will take time to undo it through a combination of nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes and mindfulness. There are many pieces to our health puzzle, and we need to be aware of and address all pieces to achieve true healing,” she says.

MyWellbeingCompass.com also includes a blog with highly insightful articles on specific hot topics written by local health practitioners. “The 360 degrees scope of the compass is matched by a group of highly trained health professionals with specialties in the different areas of wellness—body, mind and spirit,” Mor says. “Once you start gaining insights into the potential factors affecting your health, it is time to seek guidance and coaching from highly trained practitioners as you navigate your way back to natural health.”

For more information, visit MyWellbeingCompass.com.

Sheila Julson is a freelance writer and contributor to Natural Awakenings magazines throughout the country.


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