Riding the Tides of Life

Debra Rossi

Our lives mirror the ebb and flow of the tide. We jump in at high tide, but step away during the ebb. Just as high tide returns, equilibrium in our lives returns with the right thoughts and actions. Each day brings us the opportunity to be in the flow of life. The flow, being in the present, the now, experiencing life’s sublime pleasures, is a natural state. These moments, when our senses are heightened, help calm our spirit.

We are sometimes weak in our ability to see the simplicity of life, of nature, and how it brings peace in our hearts. It’s the quiet mind that allows the peace from within. How we thirst for this tranquility. The thoughts we think and the state of mind we’re in is a choice we make. We can live life calmly or in an agitated state. Living life feeling stressed and fearful is a means of sabotage. The power to create a new, healthy mindset and be our authentic self allows us to develop successful relationships, improve our health and unlock more of our potential.

When we are going through the changing tides of life, it’s the sublime pleasures and life’s simple comforts that fill the empty space and offer solace. We have the ability from within to see the beauty of life, to shift out of limiting beliefs and open ourselves to a world of new possibilities. If we do not feel abundance from within, we have nothing. A contented spirit fills us with riches.

Debra Rossi is a local certified Mindset for Success coach in spirituality and neuroscience. For more information, call 817-925- 2999 or visit DebraRossi.com.

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