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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Osten Aune

Gong Journeys Meditation

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Founded 2017

Gong Journeys Meditation is a Sound Therapy that encourages Meditation and Self-Healing. A Spiritual Journey of stress relief, deep rest, relaxation, prayer and spirituality; a rejuvenation of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Relax * Release * Rekindle * Rejuvenate Mudras * Mantras * Movement * Meditation

Gong Journeyman Osten Aune begins each session by guiding you through movement to calm the body and through hand mudras, or hand gestures, to calm the mind and guide the meditation. The Intention is set with a mantra and Koshi Bells. Then participants are immersed in soothing sounds and vibrations of a gong bath featuring 7 gongs, singing bowls, bells, chimes, shakers and drums which encourage meditation, self-healing, relaxation, stress relief, prayer and spirituality.