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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Past Life Regression: Who was I in a Past Life? with Dr. Paul Billins Henington Ph.D.

Is reincarnation real? Who was I in a Past Life? What is the Constant Now? Why is it important for me to know about this past life in this lifetime now? All of these questions and more will be answered in this experiential class. You will experience one past life during this class through a Past Life Regression. Once we have completed the regression, you will understand how that past life is affecting your current life. You also learn how to transmute the experiences from that life into something more positive in your current life and beyond. Please Bring a journal to the class. The cost is $40. About Dr. Paul: After completing his training in the Intergalactic Classroom, Dr. Paul worked tirelessly in social welfare and the healing arts. For more than 30 years, he was instrumental in empowering and facilitating healing in others. Recently he completed his Ph.D. in Metaphysics, and he continues towards his goal of the empowerment of humanity and the Planet Earth. Now as we move into the Light Phase of the Galactic Rotation, it is important for everyone to have training in metaphysical understanding. Through his knowledge base, he can facilitate humanity’s evolution into Galactic Humans!

Date & Time

February 24, 2024

7:00PM - 9:00PM


Entelechea Center - 1201 International Parkway, Suite 200, Richardson, TX, 75081 1201 International Parkway, Suite 200 Richardson 75081 TX US

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