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First Smart Electric Car Charger

Jun 13, 2011 05:11PM ● By Summer Bethea

As more consumers choose electric vehicles, green technology innovator ECOtality has introduced an easy and convenient way to charge those vehicles – the first truly smart electric vehicle charger, called Blink.

For home use, the Blink Level 2 wall-mounted charger allows drivers to simply plug in at the end of the day and have a full charge in two to six hours. User-friendly features include a seven-inch color touchscreen and intuitive dashboard interface that shows the car's charge status, statistics and history, and it can be protected with a unique PIN number.

“Blink is more than a place to plug in a car, it is the fulcrum between the driver, car, home and utility. The high level of interactivity built into our system sets Blink chargers apart from anything else on the market and is key to driving consumer EV adoption,” said Jonathan Read, CEO of ECOtality.

Blink's two-piece, flexible design fits any space in a garage, carport or driveway, and 18-foot-long cables are long enough to provide convenient reach, strong enough to withstand being driven over by a car, and wrap like a garden hose around a cord reel for easy storage between uses. The Blink is also safe to use wet or dry.

Using sophisticated software, Blink Chargers communicate with power companies, meter power and operate efficiently, saving money with each charge, because charges can be scheduled when electricity rates are lowest. The Blink can be programmed remotely from a Smartphone, mobile device or computer.

Blink also provides electric vehicle charging on the go, with a growing number of commercial standalone chargers. All the charging stations are connected to a Blink Network, which drivers can join to take advantage of membership benefits like charging discounts, faster charges, reservation preferences and easier payment methods.

For more information call 1-888-998-BLINK or visit

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