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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


July 2011 Publisher Letter

This month’s theme, Living Simply, resonates strongly with me. If your life is anything like mine, there are days when you find yourself with a to-do list that no single person can realistically accomplish. When I have overcommitted and overextended myself, I typically arrive at a point when I have nothing left to give to anyone. Reading through this issue, I am reminded of my life’s many amazing experiences and adventures and why I cherish them. I have also been reflecting upon how, if we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed with responsibilities, we can miss what really matters… the simple things, and sharing simple pleasures with others; the most cherished of which are my time and my faith in God.

Speaking of sharing, in their article, “Sharing Our World,” Neal Gorenflo and Jeremy Adam Smith challenge us all to share more in order to help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. They suggest imaginative resources for creating communities for sharing ideas, expenses and even car rides that make life easier and simpler.

Here’s to a world where being trumps doing! As of now, I vow to generate fewer to-do lists and more to-be lists. This resonates with me because it’s my heart’s great desire to share more of myself, my faith and my time with others. As the publisher of a monthly magazine I have many demands on my time and the desire frequently outstrips my ability to deliver on this promise to myself, but I won’t let that stop me from trying to give more of myself to others and to helping achieve a shared, sustainable planet.

Because summertime naturally lends itself to simplicity, it deepens my yearning for it. It makes me recall as a child, how I would count the days until school was out. Freed from homework, I couldn’t wait to fill myself up with warm nights playing outside with friends, swim dates and endless adventures. All I had to do was step out my front door. How fondly I recall those days of no responsibilities, just the simple pursuit of fun. For those of us who still must plan in order to recapture such days, we offer some close to home ideas in April Thompson’s “Simple Stacations.” You will also find helpful hints on how to help rover stay cool this summer and how you can stay cool in your own back yard.

We hope you enjoy Natural Awakenings’ focus on the simplicity of summer and make the most of our nation’s Independence Day celebrations.

You will also notice two new features to our Magazine this month. As promised, we are introducing our Business in the Green department, where each month we will highlight a local Corporation and their work to pursue a healthier planet. Then, you undoubtedly notice our snazzier cover. Please be assured, it is still eco-friendly. We hope you like.

Finally, I’m excited to share news of additional services available on Beginning in July, we will have a new, more interactive website where you can create your own listings. We are also launching a Natural Awakenings Coupons program to afford you savings at local natural and sustainable businesses.


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