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Thermography Explained

Thermography is an adjunctive diagnostic technique for detecting and measuring skin temperatures produced by different parts of the body. It provides information with which to reverse conditions and/or begin to take preventive measures for better healthcare. Anyone, from children 5 years old to 90-year-olds, can benefit from thermography.

Thermography is a complimentary procedure to give you advance notification and information about body health from the functional perspective. That is, to let you know how your body is doing; are there weak areas or areas that need attention way before the disease process can be identified by traditional methods?

Not all thermography is equal, but while traditional medicine focuses on detecting abnormalities, all thermography focuses on detecting and determining functional health.  The major benefits of Thermography are safety, non-invasive and no radiation.

There are two basic types of thermography: computer regulated thermography (CRT) and thermal imaging. CRT uses a small, handheld device which is used to take readings on 120 areas. Then the body is cooled down and then readings are taken again. A comparison of the body heat between the two readings then provides information about what’s going on in the body, in terms of inflammatory issues, toxicity and degeneration.  Thermal imaging uses pictures generated by an infrared camera, to show images of the heat generated by the body which can  show changes and potential areas of concern.

CRT provides a whole-body evaluation. These are evaluations that show functional changes happening in the body before those changes become labeled as disease processes, such as lymphatic tissue changes and toxicity, that are indicative of breast health concerns that may be related to cancer or other issues.  It examines a wider range of tissues, organs and

CRT Machine
CRT Machine
glands due its methodology, and the information is plotted on a graph in order to more accurately detect patterns. Unique benefits of CRT are earlier detection, more comprehensive information and the opportunity to evaluate a wider range of organs, glands and tissues.

Thermal imaging uses infrared cameras and computers, which convert infrared radiation emitted from the skin’s surface into electrical impulses in order to produce high-resolution diagnostic images of temperature and vascular changes.  Thermal imaging detects the heat produced by  increased blood vessel circulation and metabolic changes produced by tumor growth. These images are unique to each person and remain stable over time. The color visualizations provide a heat map of the body and show how asymmetrical increases or decreases in heat patterns could potentially indicate abnormal tissue areas.

Infrared Image
Infrared Image
Neither method of evaluation will actually diagnose breast cancer, just as mammograms and MRI do not diagnose breast cancer. Both CRT and digital infrared thermal imaging/breast thermography cameras are federally classified as medical devices, which do not provide imagery of anatomical structures.

Each procedure is non-invasive, radiation-free and can be used to complement other existing diagnostic procedures, such as mammography, ultrasound, MRI and CT scanning. Generally speaking, thermograms are also less costly than X-rays and MRI. Both methods of thermography are safe, non-invasive diagnostic tools and increase comfort, and should be considered an integral part of any preventive healthcare regime.

For more information about computer regulated thermography contact Dr. Genie Field at the Thermography Center of Dallas at 214-352-8758. Visit

For more information about thermal imaging thermography, call Abundant Life Wellness Center at 817-847-0900 or visit Also call Women’s Natural Health Center at 214-295-9631 or visit

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