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Float Your Way to Wellness

Floatation therapy has been shown to aid in detoxification, combat stress and increase performance, in addition to other benefits. Adrift Float Spa, the first luxury floatation spa in Dallas, has added a new dimension to the wellness routines of health seekers. When combined with regular physical activity and healthy habits, floating offers regulars a boost over other inner-alignment practices.

Floating, the process of lying suspended and seemingly weightless in a dense saline solution is a therapeutic treatment that has been practiced for ages. Similar to the act of floating in the Dead Sea, yet conducted in a controlled spa setting, the process at Adrift Float Spa encourages a state of complete physical and mental relaxation.

The tranquil environment enhances the connection between mind and body and the weightlessness achieved by effortlessly floating on top of a dense, supersaturated solution of Epsom salt and water makes it possible for the muscular, skeletal and circulatory systems to rest in a zero-gravity environment.

During floatation therapy, the spine decompresses and realigns, the muscles completely relax and the circulatory system is more able to pump blood to areas of the body that are difficult to reach when the heart and vessels are working against gravity. It enhances blood flow to the muscles, helping them to dispose of lactic acid, diminishing soreness and accelerating recovery time for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. In terms of mental benefits, floating has been shown to decrease stress levels, enhance quality of sleep and provide a sharpening in mental clarity and alertness.Adrift flotation therapy

Adrift Float Spa spokesperson Larry North has recognized a boost in his overall physical performance and mental clarity since working regular floatation sessions into his routine. “When discussing wellness programs, weight loss tends to get the most emphasis, but people need to remain aware of how factors like stress relief and mental health can play a major role in
maintaining physical health. In coping with my own pursuit of overall wellness, I have tried meditation, massage, reflexology and yoga to assist me in coping with stress. All of it was helpful in one form or another, but the recent inclusion of floatation has had a far more dramatic impact than these other components.”

Adrift Float Spa was created to provide individuals with a unique sensory experience that simultaneously quiets the mind and rejuvenates the body. The incorporation of floating into a selfpreservation regimen will increase overall well-being and offer an enhanced quality of life. From Adrift’s state-of-the-art float cabins to the tranquil relaxation room, founder Bernadette Fiaschetti has created an environment that is conducive to complete relaxation, where clients are provided sanctuary in which to regain health, happiness and vitality.

Flotation sessions are offered as single sessions, or can be purchased in package increments. Reservations are recommended. Location: 8315 Preston Rd., Dallas. For more information call 214-363-5628 or visit

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